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Drug Use Recovery And Sobriety Research Assignment (Coursework Sample)


The paper had two questions that based their discussion on ethical behavior. The assignment required an ethical discussion on sobriety and how an individual can remain relevant in the process of recovering.


Student’s Name
Drug Use Recovery and Sobriety
What would you say are some of the “keys” to sobriety/clean time and why? Is it the same for everyone?
Drug abuse is one of the main challenges that societies face, where many individuals become dependent on others because of their involvement in drugs. In many occasions, some drug using individuals seek ways to stop using and become clean. Such recovery is however extremely challenging, especially on occasions where the individuals in question have been using for a long time. According to Best, Beckwith, and Haslam (2016), the first and most important way of managing to recover from drug use and attaining a clean time is accepting assistance and help from professionals, friends and family members (Haslam et al. 2016, p. 6).
Most drug addicts remain addicted to their drug use for a long time because they do not make an effort to become clean and do not accept assistance, which in many occasions is offered by those who care about them. Taking the challenge that they face in the struggle to remain clean and letting other individuals help is a significant way through which these individuals can manage to attain the assistance they need and overcome the drug addiction challenge (Haslam et al. 2016, p. 22). If for example, a drug addict accepts that he or she has a problem and voluntarily joins a rehab facility, such an individual is likely to manage to get the drugs out of his or her system and eventually attain sobriety.
The other crucial essential factor in attaining sobriety is making a personal effort to remain clean and away from drugs. The individual efforts among others include aspects like resisting the urge to take drugs, voluntarily attending programs meant to help in the situations in question and learning from others who had been using but have managed to get sober again. These key factors may not be sufficient for all individuals in a similar manner. According to McIntosh (2014), however, they are likely to help all individuals improve their drug use situation and for most people manage to regain their sobriety.
Without disclosing too much information, if you or someone you love is in recovery or actively using, will you be able to remain objective and avoid counter transference issues in treating others with SUDs?
After attaining more understanding on drug use and the many circumstances that may result in an individual becoming an active drug abusing individual, I have learned that drug use is an issue that can occur any individual and thus there is need to remain objective in the process of helping drug users recover from their challenge. Like many other individuals, however, it is easy to get be emotional in situations where people we love are involved in challenges like drug abuse. In such circumstances, it is easy for an individual who helps others recover to attain emotional or counter transference issues when treating others.
Having attained a more understanding and clarity on the topic of drug use and the best way through which an individual can help drug...
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