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Case Study of Emilie: Health and Social Care (Coursework Sample)


This is assignment is based on a case study provided by the client. the paper is based on questions related to the case study. the paper must be at least 1500 words and FORMATTED in harvard style.


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Social Care Case Study
Individuals may require social care at any point in their life. Various circumstances force people to need social support services, including illness, physical, and mental impairment. The Care Act is legislation created to help individuals in need of care and support services achieve improved well-being. In this case study, Emilie appears to be in need of social care. She used to take care of her disabled daughter and her 20-year-old son, but now she faces difficulty doing that following her cancer development. This paper analyzes the legal framework of the case study, discusses pieces of advice on Emilie’s reluctance with a local authority commissioned support package and options she can take regarding managing her welfare and finances when she loses her capacity to make decisions due to mental illness.
There are various general principles that guide entitlement to needs assessment and carer’s assessment in the case. Section (1) highlights these principles. A significant principle stipulated in the Care Act is that an eligibility determination can only be made when an assessment is done (CA 2014, Section 1, subsection13). For this reason, the local authorities are tasked with carrying out needs and carer’s assessment to determine the family’s eligibility for social care.
The local authorities must also consider conditions that Emilie’s family is experiencing, and if some of these conditions are necessary for determining eligibility for adult support needs, they should move quickly to do an assessment. The Care Act highlights various conditions that individuals should meet to eligible to support needs. These conditions revolve around needs, desired outcomes, or circumstances and their effects on the well-being of these families (Feldon 2017, p. 18). There are basically three conditions that care and support needs must meet to be eligible for support from local authorities upon assessment. The first condition is that the adult need for care and support must be related to illness or physical and mental impairment. Emilie meets this condition since her needs for care stems from having cancer. However, Danny does not meet this condition because he lacks any physical or mental impairment and any illness that makes him need support services. Another condition is demonstrating an inability to achieve two or more outcomes highlighted in the eligibility outcomes for adults with support needs. These outcomes may include carrying out any activity responsibility an adult has for a child and providing care to other persons for whom the car

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