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Role of enviroment in shaping personalities and Behavior (Coursework Sample)

Write a paper on how your environment has shaped your personality and behaviour source..
HOW ENVIRONMENT DEFINES A PERSON By Everlyne Goro Name of Class Professor Name of School City and State Date HOW ENVIRONMENT DEFINES A PERSON The environment defines people in terms of their personalities, behavior and/or character (Rentfrow, P. & Brodin, T. 2014, 24). As diverse and different as many people appear, each and every person to large extent is influenced by their environment. People behave differently as a result of their socio-cultural interactions, environment amongst other factors (Rentfrow, P. & Brodin, T. 2014, 43). This work will focus on how my environment has influenced me and defined me. I live in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. Throughout my entire life I have been part and parcel of this city. Nairobi is a cosmopolitan city comprising of people of diverse backgrounds (Nairobi, K. 2006, 9). There are various races, tribes and classes of people. To some extent, the residential areas of the city residents are ‘classed.’ It is not uncommon to find the rich thriving within a given region like Runda while those of poor socio-economic classes languish in poverty in slums such as Kibera (Nairobi, K. 2006, 23). The specific environments determine how each one relates to others in a different environment or setting. Growing up in what I call a middle class Kenya family in Buruburu estate, I have grown to respect each and every person (Nairobi, K. 2006, 12). The tribal differences from our various societies have been issues to fight with. However, considering the fact that we make no choices on where to be born, I have learned to embrace every human being. Judging others make us blind to ourselves- our weaknesses and limitations (Gladwell, M. 2008, 87). I have also learned the value of hard-work. To succeed in life, investment of time, energy and other resources must be done (Gladwell, M. 2008, 36). Nothing in life ever comes easy. We have to work hard...
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