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EMBARGO ON CUBA Social Sciences Coursework Research (Coursework Sample)




Embargo on Cuba
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How probable is a lift of the embargo that the US maintains against Cuba?
Cuba and the United States of America once enjoyed good diplomatic and economic relationships. This relationship turned sour when Fidel Castro was the president of Cuba. Cuba embraced communism by creating economic and diplomatic ties with the then Soviet Union. The main reason for the hostility between the two countries harbouring of nuclear ammunition by Cuba (Crahan, and Castro 2016). These were acquired from the Soviet Union. This posed significant security threat to the United States which is just 90 miles from the Cuba. This heightened the cold war. It is worth noting that the contemporary Cuba is still under communism rule. Although this is the case, the country no longer poses any security threat to the United States. Despite this, the United States has not yet lifted the embargo imposed on Cubs more than 50 years ago.

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