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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Religion and it's impact on happiness. Accounting, Finance Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The task was to write an essay on religion and it's impacts on happiness.


1 Traits, behaviors, or characteristics related to human happiness (Pg. 1-3)
2 Findings on religion and its impact on happiness loving being the major factor (Pg. 3-4)
3 Conversation about the findings and Questions to consider (Pg. 3-5)
4 Discussion on the implication of the study determination and lesson to the general users (Pg. 3-5)
5 Application of teachings and findings on oneself to increase happiness (Pg. 4-7)
The biblical teachings on happiness covers a diverse range of issues related or impacting on self-happiness. Happiness as to per the new testament is simplified as the most basic need that solves everything in human life. The nature of happiness as per the chapters requires us to make our neighbor happy as we give happiness to ourselves. Happiness is said here to be two-way traffic comparable to respect between two people. Respect is said to be earned. Someone has to respect the other person for himself or herself to be respected back. You have to gain happiness yourself and apply it to others and others to will give a filling of happiness back. Some of the most character traits that affect human happiness are as listed here; these traits include; happy people are mostly optimistic, they are kind, they are positive, most of them tend to see life and approach it with energy and zest, happy people tend to feel grateful and show gratitude, they tend to have lots of curiosity, they are givers and receives happiness back, they are said to be authentic. The whole idea of happiness tends to bring certain order of human life. The order of happiness brings with it emotional stability, conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness. The happiest person therefore will be considered to be someone who is content with his life, someone who does not complain of what he does not have at hand and is grateful for everything he has. Someone who do not care about what the rest of world thinks about him/her and accepts himself the way they are.
Optimistic is the tendency of a person to feel successful in all nature of life, it is the tendency for someone to feel positive in all situations and to be happy despite the coming challenges. Jesus teachings gives a better life by encouraging His followers to be happy for the kingdom of God is meant for them, even they face challenges and are fully aware of the negativity around them, they have a great feeling of success at the end of the road. Biblical implication towards success has covered in the old testaments during Moses time in days of war in the wilderness, indicated that despite the people having faced difficulties in their journey they were having a belief that they will reach their destination, they were happy to be moving forward each day and were mostly focused on what a new day will bring to them. 

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