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Provide An Interpretation Of The Provided Picture (Coursework Sample)


Provide an interpretation of the provided picture in one page

Art Interpretive Essay
The artwork to be interpreted is an unnamed photograph taken by Keith Carter. The photograph is found in the Catherine Edelman Gallery. Apparently, the photograph shows three children and their images are blurred; the viewer cannot see their faces and the photo’s background clearly, and it appears as if the images are covered with mist. At first glance, one would think one of the children does not have true legs; it is as if the legs were skeletons. The face of the child in the middle cannot be clearly seen, and generally, the photograph exhibits some form of mystery. Moreover, it is hard to tell the possible time of the day the photograph was taken, and the viewer might just keep on guessing.
The photograph is in "vanishing presence" and the artist utilized various techniques to blur reality and distort time. In this regard, the artist photographically expanded it and made it indecisive, implying continuous flow instead of frozen segment. Notably, this is an evolutionary image, and its subject is vaporous. Apparently, it does not describe parcels of time, which is corralled within a frame and evidently denoting the past. It is a picture, which is suspended in the continuous process of “turning out to be” and concerned with the change itself (Barret 90). The picture urges the vie...
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