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Personal Informal Jazz Concert Report (Coursework Sample)


The task was to complete a personal/informal jazz concert report. The sample is about The Roy Hargrove Quintet concert

Date of Submission:
Personal/ Informal Jazz Concert Report
The Roy Hargrove Quintet concert that took place on December 9 2012 in Catalina Jazz Club Bar and Grill in Los Angeles staring from 9.00 pm was elaborate, distinct and brought with it a physical electricity that has always lacked in jazz. The performers of the day were the Roy Hargrove’s band members, with Roy Hargrove at the lead, who is a famous American Jazz trumpeter, Justin Robinson the saxophonist, Montez Coleman at the drums and Stephen Scott at the piano. The type of music played during the concert was modern jazz that blended r& b and hip-hop to produce mind riveting bebop as it is characteristic of Roy Hargrove’s music. This concert incorporated a 19-ensemble performance with some pieces being slow and short, while others were long and fast to ensure to attract the crowds attention throughout the concert. The most outstanding factor about the stage in which this concert was held was its lighting in which the central light was focused on the performers with the rest of the stage in darkness. This was the most interesting jazz concert I have ever attended.
The major songs that were performed during the concert include “September in the Rain,” Never let me go,” and “Thirteenth Floor.” In the first half of the concert, “September in the Rain” was played with the second half experiencing enchanting jazz music from Never let me go,” and “Thirteenth Floor.” These three performances were played using purity of line, a flawlessly balanced tone and a live rhythm section that was always alert to every single nuance, thus captivating the audience. There are very few jazz concerts that can as special as this concert. This is because few jazz performances embody playing that is completed for the moment and as if it was only made for that moment in time only. During this concert, every single performer in the Quintet was in constant motion according the audience with a feeling similar to one experienced during the endogenous chemical reaction. This is because they had mastered the art of jazz music and blended in synchrony to the tempo of the music, while at the same time introducing twists and turns that left the audience in awe.
I can clearly ascertain that this is one of the most enjoyable jazz concerts I have ever attended. What I liked most about the performance was the fact that the performers engaged the audience at every single minute of the concert. Regardless of the fact the beginning of the first half encompassed a piano lead that was complex harmonically and rhythmically, the soft blend of the other instruments made it seem so simple, such that it can be performed by an amateur. Additionally, even during the solos conducted by Roy Hargrove, the synchrony in the manner in which the band played awed the audience because it shifted the focus from one individual performer to all the perfo...
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