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Answering Some Questions About Feminist Advertisements (Coursework Sample)


The task was about answering some questions about feminist advertisements

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Briefly Summary
Steins in her book stated that the reasons they decided to engage in the feminist advertisement were to provide a forum for women and advertisers to interact freely. Secondly, they wanted to keep the cost of these magazines reasonably cheap so that more women can afford them. She further says that they used two stages to achieve their goals. The first step involved convincing advertisers in featuring products predominantly advertised in male magazines in feminist journals. The second involved promoting any traditional women product proved by the survey as most appealing to women (Steinem 270). Clark in his publication says that lesbians are untargeted in the advertisement industry. According to her, she says that this because they are not economically powerful as other social groups and as such lack purchasing power. Secondly, they not easily identified as a social group. She says that advertisers look for consumer groups that are accessible, identifiable, profitable and measurable. However, she says that gay men are to some extent being considered by advertisement firms (Clark, 143).
Articles Impact on View of Media
The arguments made by both writers have an impact on my thinking about gender representation in the press. I have noted that to some extent, women have been discriminated based on their gender. For instance, it not fair to provide advertising windows for gay men and fail to consider lesbians (Steinem 270). I have noted that some products have a tendency of being advertised through one gender whereas both sexes use the product. Advertisers also fail to have consultative forums with women to get their views on how to promote their products equally. Not being a feminist, I support equality for all genders. However, it is always good to consider a group marginalized without necessarily overpowering them at the expense of the other. Men can or cannot be regarded as feminist (Clark 189). It depends on the person being subjected to the question. Some people can be viewed as feminist due to their inclinations towards an issue whereas others cannot. Studying of advertisements in magazines is an important reason why people buy magazines. These publications inform people of products and thus should not be viewed as a nuisance.
The impact of these Arguments on Media Representation
In these articles, men are represented in a manner that suggests that they are favored in the advertisement industry and the society. The articles try to explain that advertisers consider people even through their sexual inclinations whereas women do not receive the same treatment (Clark 189). The culture that exists is that some products are more male inclined and hence advertised more in men's magazines. About these articles, advertising is more focused on people. It is due to cultural, economic and perception factors. Several changes have taken place in media advertising in the last few decades.
More women have been involved in the creation of adver...
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