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Philosophy of Classroom Management (Coursework Sample)


The task was about the philosophy of classroom management. The sample discusses various philosophies that can be applied in the management of a class.


Philosophy of Classroom Management
Based on school of thought theory by Wolfgang and Glickmann, a teacher can be an interventionist. As an interventionist, a teacher wields more power than the students. The teacher intervenes in correcting the behavior of the students. Students whose disruptive behavior compromises the classroom environment are punished. This ensures students are more responsible for their actions.
The teacher can explain the routines to the students. The students are allowed to ask questions. Also, the teacher should explain expectations from the students. Thereafter, students can practice the routine. They are also encouraged to implement the routine in their day.
Routine misbehaviors. These can be corrected by employing logical consequences that are directed against the routine misbehavior can be employed. For instance, when a student paints on the wall inappropriately, the students should be made to clean the wall.
Emotions. The teacher can help students understand how emotions drive behavior using fun activities. Also, the teacher can share his or her own feelings as they occur during the day. This will help the students understand emotions as they occur in real-time. Besides, they will learn to communicate their emotions. For instance, when students present with emotional breakdown, the teacher can gently encourage them to talk about their feelings and make them aware that they understand their challenges. The teacher can reassure them that things are going to be better.
Conflicts. The teacher can provide students with the chance to resolve their conflict together through a peace-making method. The teacher should let the students acknowledge their conflict, focus on a dialogue, and propose an effective resolution. This will empower the students to learn from their mistakes. Disputes often result in hostility and erratic behaviors. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to help the student calm down and develop alternative and healthier strategies to solve the disputes. Conflicting students should be made to apologize to each other. Finally, the teacher can do a follow up on the students who were involved in the conflict.
Behavior problems. One way of dealing with serious behavior is by getting to the root of the matter. The teacher can determine the cause by either talking to the student, co

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