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Literature Interpretation of the Play "Fences" and the Song "Dear Mama" (Coursework Sample)


Literature Interpretation of a play and song


Literature Interpretation Essay
The play, Fences, by August Wilson stands out as one of the most remarkable portrayals of the real-life challenges incurred by African-Americans in the United States. One of the defining strengths about the play is that it combines the taste of drama with the riveting account of the lives and fate of the main characters who typify the African American experience in all the notable hopes and impediments. One thing about the play, which I found uniquely appealing, is its relatedness with the dominant theme of heroic motherhood in Tupac Shakur’s song, Dear Mama. The African American experience is usually covered in terms of positive and negative dynamics that determine the fate of many black people in every sphere of life. Having read and reflected on Fences in profound details, I draw connections between the endemic struggles, hopes, and betrayal from the perspective of the fictional character of Rose with Tupac’s lyrical homage to Afeni Shakur, his mother who struggled against the odds of racism, addiction, incarceration, and poverty to establish a foundation on which the rapper built his highly profiled future.
Out of the various parallels between Fences and Dear Mama, one that stands out most conspicuously is the role of mothers in shaping their sons into responsible men in the society. The play and the song show that mothers play an outstanding role in preparing their sons for the rigors of manhood. The unstated message in both is that mothers’ contribution to their son’s destiny requires significant sacrifice and insight. The reality comes out in the special relationship between Rose and Cory in Fences and Tupac and his mother in Dear Mama. One of the outstanding views in Fences is that mothers are important in preparing their sons for the challenges of adulthood. Throughout the play, Cory enjoys a cordial and supportive relationship with Rose whereas his connection to his father is severely strained (Wilson 15). In fact, the play presents Troy as a domineering father who does not wish to allow his son to pursue the career of his liking.
Cory is interested in playing football and a special coach has already shown interest in mentoring him. The impression is that he is destined for a great future. However, his father wants him to continue working at the store. On the other hand, Rose shows demonstrates the desire to see his son succeed in any endeavor of his choice. Rose is an understanding mother who quietly 

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