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Discussion Of The Relationship Between Sea Life And The Environment (Coursework Sample)


This is a question and answers paper that discusses the relationship between the sea life and the environment.

Name Course Professor Date ENVIRONMENT Seabird signals Question 1 Most of the seabird species have been on the verge of extinction; this is due to predators that have been introduced to feed on them, spilled oil in the sea reduce their efforts to take in oxygen for respiration and other pollutants spilled in the water. Other birds have been found victims of drowning after being entangled by fishing nets (Cubie, para 3). In the recent past, however, global warming has been suspected by scientists to be the reason behind the problem facing seabirds. Curbing greenhouse gases emissions will reduce global warming and hence reduce the harmful effects that befall the seabirds. To deal with global warming, legislation is pointed as the first step; here, the laws governing the emission of the greenhouse gases will be enacted (Cubie, para 21). Proper management of the sea transportation modes will see a reduction in oil and pollutants spillage. Question 2 The Tufted puffins have been branded “seabird tough guys” by John Piatt. John Piatt says that the bird species have their appearance resembling bikers worn in leather outfit and the lifestyle they lead is a display of vigor as they can endure on lantern fish and squid (Cubie, para 4) Question 3 Coastal upwelling is the dispersion of waters that are rich in nutrients from the deep seas to the surface of the sea. Climate change alters the coastal swelling pattern, and this may be disastrous to the puffin breeding birds which are restricted to specific areas during breeding and rely heavily on the manner in which they time their prey. The timing may be affected by changes in coastal upwelling (Cubie, para 9, 10). How much is clean water worth Question 1 The primary objective of ecological economists is to incorporate making the ecosystem consideration to the daily decision and view the ecosystem in reality (Morrison para 22). Question 2 The insects play a crucial role in the ecosystem; then flowering plants all look upon on the insects for their pollination (Morrison12). Pollination facilitates reproduction and hence the healthy development of plant life. Question 3 The environmental and ecological experts categorize the systems of nature into the aquatic system, the land system and the atmospheric system. The three systems of nature interact for the sustainability of each other. Work cited Jim Morrison - What Is Clean Water Worth? /page25.php.wild Cubie, Doreen. “Seabird Signals.” The National Wildlife Federation, /en/Magazines/National-Wildlife/2008/Seabird-Signals. Essay- the BP oil spill The BP oil spill in the year 2010 has been named as the wildest disaster to have happened to the sea environment in the United States history. This spill happened as a result of gas and oil which leaked to the ocean floor (Frost, 1). The oil spill has caused economic, environmental and social problems. The oil spill resulted in immediate effects to the wildlife especially to the animals in the Gulf of Mexico. Pelicans covered with oil among other sea animals turned black were washed away from within the sea to the beaches where they were unable to survive (Frost, 1). The oils embedded on the feathers of seabirds compromised their ability to fly or dive in search of food; this rendered them dead out of hunger. Fish were found to have deformities, and others found to cause diseases to their predators including the humans. The oil spill caused loss of vegetation and erosion of soil at the shores of the sea. This is clear evidence that the oil spill affected both the aquatic and the soil environments. The oil spill resulted in ...
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