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Quality Improvement Discussion Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


This sample provides a detailed report for an interview with a hospital's quality manager. in summary, the manager spoke about the quality improvement techniques used at the hospital and how he MANAGES the needs and expectations of his juniors.


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Quality Improvement Discussion
The quality improvement process is a continuous practice that introduces changes and guides frequent reviews; it is based on the idea that opportunities for improvement exist within the organization. Consequent to the interview with the quality department head of Medipoint hospital, it emerged that the institution employs the continuous quality improvement approach explicitly. During the interview, the manager specifically outlined that the hospital derives its initiatives from adverse outcomes and cases of missed opportunities; for instance, if a patient develops a pressure ulcer, an initiative is urgently instituted to improve patient care so that similar predicaments do not reoccur. Hence, the continuous quality improvement process is a critical tool for refining value in healthcare institutions.

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