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Avalon Project and Its Historical Perspective (Coursework Sample)


The client asked for a paper that sheds light on the Avalon Project. The task was about the Avalon Project and its historical perspective. As human rights have developed in the modern world, the Charter of the Avalon Project and Rhode Island has had a special role in American history. The sample paper first introduces the Avalon Project and its historical perspectives in respect to the Charter and revolution. The second part of the coursework explains the Rhode Island connection with the Avalon Project. The paper explains what happened in history, and how historical events had been developed in Rhode Island.


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Submission date: 29/09/2022
The Avalon Project
Royal charter:
It was in 1663 that King Charles II of England issued the Royal Charter to the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It ensured the religious liberty of Rhode Island's colonists and gave them autonomy over colonial affairs. This level of autonomy for a colony was unprecedented in previous charters. Roger Williams introduced the concept of a community in which people might practice their religion of choice to Rhode Island in 1636. Providence was created by Roger Williams after he was expelled from Massachusetts Bay Colony for his "new and hazardous beliefs" and given land by Narragansett chiefs Canonicus and Miantonomi. After seven years, Williams went back to England to secure a patent or charter for the colony. The "incorporation of Providence Plantations in Narragansett Bay in New England" was awarded a patent by the Parliamentary committee on foreign plantations. It safeguarded the cities of Providence, Portsmouth, and Newport from

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