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Change in immigration policy History Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


The side trump is on is in 2019 it shows how "americans" are on the road and trump decides if there american or not if they are they go to the door where its an american citizen door if they dont pass as an american citizenship then they go to the plane meaning deportation next to trump im going to put a bubble where it says " if your Mexican your a terrorist" and that would show stereotype. The next picture is in 1920 there is an immigration officer welcoming the french and swedish but the greek is next to the ship which means hes not welcome and i will put a bubble on the imigration officer saying " french and Swedish come forward, no more greeks today." This shows an analogy because its comparing how one thing is similar to another. The two devices used are analogy and stereotypes. Also showing change over time from 1920 and now in 2019 (still happening). You can search about 1920 immigration in american. You can use as many sources. Please follow the rubric, I am aiming for an exemplifying.


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Change in The Immigration Policies in The US From 1920 to 2019
Political issue: Immigration
Different political dispensations expose the residents of the relevant countries to diverse policies. Over the past century, the US, one of the superpowers of the globe have experienced immigration issues that have often turned out to be controversial as depicted by the inputs of the various stakeholders. The cartoon provided illustrates president Trump's impact on the immigration trend and the steps he has taken to deal with its implications. Thus, the following summary avails a discussion of change witnessed in the US regarding immigration between 1920 and 2019 in addition to illustrating the incorporation of stereotypes and analogies.
Reason for the choice of immigration as the political Issue
Both 1920 and 2019 policies regarding immigration have had significant impact of the lives of the citizen sof the US and the countries from which the immigrants emanate. Immigration is a controversial political issue as it affects the national identity, freedoms and handling it impacts the implementation of social justice. For instance, President Coolidge’s era implemented the Immigration Act of 1924 while President Trump aims at constructing a wall along the Mexico-US border to prevent illegal immigration. Since both political dispensations impacted the social justices of their subjects. Therefore, the relevance of the issue is anchored potential effect on its subjects thus justifying the choice.

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