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San Francisco History Coursework Research Essay Paper (Coursework Sample)


This is an undergraduate History assignment i wrote for a student who actually lives and studies in San francisco at the San franscisco state university. He took history class as aN elective course and this assignment later got him an A grade.
The article contains information(i.e an extensive Overview) about San francisco rangiNg from the history, Sports, culture and cuisine, The social life and educational system, Economics, different neighborhoods and the social problems. All these are discussed under seperate Headings.


San Francisco
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The city of San Francisco is located in California, the United States of America (USA). It is officially called the city and county of San Francisco. It is the cultural and financial base of the western region of the United States CITATION Gla20 \l 2057 (Hansen, 2020). The city ranks fourth amongst the most populated cities in California and the 16th overall in the United States containing about 881,549 residents in 2019. It covers an estimated area of 46 square miles (120 square km) CITATION Gla20 \l 2057 (Hansen, 2020). This distance covered is largely towards the northern side around a point between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay CITATION Gla20 \l 2057 (Hansen, 2020). Statistically, San Francisco is the 12th-largest cosmopolitan area in the United States in terms of population of individuals having 4.7 million people. I chose this city because my favorite basketball team, The Golden State Warriors, where my favorite player Stephan Curry plays are in San Francisco and I would love to watch them play someday.
The city of San Francisco was discovered by Spanish colonists on June 29, 1776. Before the arrival of the Europeans, two Native American communities dwelled in the San Francisco area CITATION Ned16 \l 2057 (Cogswell, 2016). They were the Ohlone and Miwok communities. They survived by hunting animals and gathering plants. The first documented Spanish visitors to explore the area were Don Gaspar de Portola and Juan Crespi CITATION Ned16 \l 2057 (Cogswell, 2016). They discovered the bay area. Then in 1776 a group of Spanish colonists led by Juan de Anza visited the bay area and built a stronghold in the area called Presidio of San Francisco. This ended the reign of the Native Americans. In1821, the Mexicans invaded the area and it became part of the Mexican rule. Due to American settlers also invading the area, a war broke out in 1846, the Mexican-American war. At the end of the war in 1848, it became American territory after the Mexicans agreed to transfer ownership. Furthermore, in the same 1848, James Marshall discovered gold in San Francisco, and this lead to a population explosion including the migration of the Chinese to the area CITATION Ned16 \l 2057 (Cogswell, 2016). From this period down to the 90s and 20th century, a lot of significant events happened such as, a fire outbreak that wreaked havoc in 1851, the building of the golden gate park in 1887,

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