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Railroad System is the East cost History Coursework (Coursework Sample)


the paper is about The Upcoming of the Railroad System is the East cost between 1840 to 1866. THE PAPER ONLY NEEDED 800 WORDS AND NOT MORE THAN 850 WORDS


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The Upcoming of the Railroad System is the East cost between 1840 to 1866
Between 1840 and 1850, more than 9000 miles of track had been laid east of the famous Missouri River. This was followed by an explosive wave of development in the railroad system throughout the country. The upcoming railroad was also fueled by the discovery of California and the uncontrolled movement of settlers across the United States. Settlers were key since they were the source of labor starting in 1849 onwards. Between 1845 to 1850, it was very risky to travel through the mountains and the thick forests and this meant that many people had to go through the sea (Marler, 2010). For some period this was found to be a very reliable route but the outbreak of diseases such as yellow fever and unpredictable winds made it difficult for merchants to rely on the sea. It is this need for an alternative route that pushed different organizations to invest in the railroad.

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