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The Reconstruction History Coursework Research Paper (Coursework Sample)


the task was to research about kentucky


Kentucky is a state whose state capital is Frankfort. To the north of Kentucky is river Ohio and to the east are the Appalachian Mountains. In the year 1792, Kentucky joined the union to become the 15th member at the time. Together with Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, they are the only states in the in the United States constituted as a commonwealth. The union was led by President Abraham Lincoln of the then national government and had the support of slave states, four boulder states, and twenty Free states. Thirteen slave states mainly from the south firmly opposed the union. Every union state provided soldiers to the union. The civil war which started in the year 1861 and ended in the year 1865 had a lot of effects on the economy, the social and political structures of Kentucky.[Harrison 2010]
The war was caused by the differences between slave states and Free states over the control of the then national government to prevent slave trade and slave activities in the areas that were yet to state. It is estimated that more than six hundred people died because of the war. The war ended when Jefferson Davis who was confederate only president since 1861 up to 1865 was arrested in Georgia. Due to his capture, there was no further resistance, and that ended the war.

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