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Religions in Shakespeare's Time History Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The Main Religions around the World during William Shakespeare's Time


The Main Religions around the World during William Shakespeare's Time
Shakespeare lived during the Elizabethan Era which was considered as culture’s golden age and during which there was the growth of both domestic and foreign challenges. During this period, England did not have a separation between the church and the state with the king being the political head of the country and the Roman Catholic Church ruling spiritually (Clunie, Aurelia 25). Shakespeare’s generation was the first in which the Monarch served as the country’s spiritual head. The paper will discuss the main religions during this period.
The two main religions were the Catholic and protestant religions. The father to Queen Elizabeth I disintegrated from the Catholic Church based in Rome, and he became the head of the Church in England. During this time, a group of people across Northern Europe protested against the Catholic Church; hence the name ‘Protestants’ came to be. The Protestants disobeyed the Pope leading to people being martyred on both sides through fire. Protestantism was declared the national religion a year before Shakespeare was born and the Catholic Church was still active in England.

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