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Various Types of Native People in North America before the arrival of Europeans (Coursework Sample)


The paper is about the Various Types of Native People in North America before the arrival of Europeans. It also includes the economic activities and social organization of each group of people.


Various Types of Native People in North America before the arrival of Europeans
Life for Paleo-Indians
Decades of years ago, the people of North America practised various economic, social and cultural activities. They hunted small animals such as snakes and lizards and also large animals such as antelopes and deer. They also practised crop cultivation. They grew crops such as maize, beans, sunflower, cocoa, cassava and squash. Continued crop cultivation led to increased village population hence settlement patterns were introduced (Khirao 17).
The first settlement pattern was started by the non-sedentary tribes which were usually small and did not occupy a place for long. The second settlement pattern was the sedentary tribes. They practised intensive agriculture and therefore did not move from one place to another. The third group were the sedentary tribes. It is in between the first two tribes. They practised hunting and gathering together with agriculture. However, in 1800 BCE, there emerged more complex and advanced groups. They included the Olmec, Maya, Aztec, Inca. There were also southern tribes such as Hohokam and Anasazi. There also emerged natives of the eastern woodlands such as the Mississippians and Cahokia.
Northern Tribes
They were the first group to emerge. They settled at the southeast coast of Mexico. In 400 and 350 BCE, the Olmec population decreased rapidly due to environmental changes. The Olmec were famous for their various innovations such as building stone pyramids. They also developed a calendar that was nearly accurate. They also came up with the pelota ballgame in Meso America. They introduced the first hieroglyphic written language in America which was yet to be deciphered (Khirao 26).

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