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Network Plan and design IT & Computer Science Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Computer Science: Network Plan and Design


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Network Plan and Design
The plan is to set up the network in such a way that each LAN can be access by all other LANs across the WAN links. Each LAN would be set up using multiple switches and a router.
Server design and details
The recommendation for this is to use a central location for the server and all other Local area networks connect to the server through the WAN links. My recommendation is that the location for the email servers be at London.
Cable Details
Each local area network would have CAT6 Ethernet cables that run to their MDF, the MDF would contain the switches and routers along with other Network devices needed.
The MDF would have a patch panel where the cable from the face plate in each room would terminate. The cables from the patch panel then connects to the switches in the same or different rack.
Therefore, a minimum of 2 Ethernet cables (1 cable from the face plate to the patch panel, and 1 for the patch panel to the switch) would be needed to bring up each user in the LAN.
Routers Details
Outline, as a minimum, the number and type of routers needed.
The total number of routers needed according to the diagram provided would be seven (7) routers, although I would recommend 14 (2 for each location) for redundancy. The type of router recommended would be Cisco ISR 4000 or ASR 1000 because these devices support large packet throughput and have embedded security features in them.
Switches Details
Describe the number and type of switches.
Due to there being no budget restrictions, I would recommend Cisco catalyst 3650 L3 48 ports for the Access layer of each LAN, and catalyst 9000 series for the Distribution/Core layer of each LAN. We can either use 2 Distribution switches for redundancy or use 1 distribution switch with VSS switching capability. The catalyst 9000 is VSS capable so only 1 distribution switch would be required.
Each LAN would have 2 Distribution switches that connects to the router for redundancy.

Number of Switches

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