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Physical security assessment (Coursework Sample)


The task was to discuss pysical security assessment.


Assignment 2: Physical Security Assessment
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School of Computer and Information Sciences, University of the Cumberlands
ISOL634 Physical Security
Dr. Ronald P. Sperano
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc55121123 \h 4Basic Threats PAGEREF _Toc55121124 \h 4Theft PAGEREF _Toc55121125 \h 4Violence PAGEREF _Toc55121126 \h 5Natural Disaster PAGEREF _Toc55121127 \h 5Heading PAGEREF _Toc55121128 \h 6Layers of Protection PAGEREF _Toc55121129 \h 6Access Controls PAGEREF _Toc55121130 \h 6Security Force PAGEREF _Toc55121131 \h 6Alarm Systems PAGEREF _Toc55121132 \h 7Lighting PAGEREF _Toc55121133 \h 7Communications PAGEREF _Toc55121134 \h 8Levels of Security PAGEREF _Toc55121135 \h 8Minimum PAGEREF _Toc55121137 \h 8Low-level PAGEREF _Toc55121138 \h 9Medium PAGEREF _Toc55121139 \h 9High-level PAGEREF _Toc55121140 \h 9Maximum PAGEREF _Toc55121141 \h 9Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc55121142 \h 9Most Likely Threat PAGEREF _Toc55121143 \h 10Neutralization of Threat PAGEREF _Toc55121144 \h 10Heading PAGEREF _Toc55121145 \h 10References PAGEREF _Toc55121146 \h 11
The number of number networks keeps on increasing as computing becomes highly dispersed and decentralized. Improved dependence on networked systems of computers as infrastructure includes uncertainties that progressively arise and evolve. Security controls focus on reducing risks. However, the security controls include limitations on the growth and use of policy, equipment and process. Physical security controls intend to safeguard assets and operating environment. That is, physical security controls focus on protecting and operation of the network. The physical security controls involve fire alarms, alarms, entry control systems, and environmental monitoring systems. The environmental monitoring systems involve humidity and temperature control systems. The implementation of control systems is useful to improve integrity, confidentiality and availability of the data sets.
Basic Threats
The basic physical threats involve the possible causes that lead to poor security of the organizational data. The physical security issues involve those physical acts that leads to destruction of data. This section describes the physical security threats that would adversely impact into the organizational data.
This basic security threat occurs where there is an illegal acquisition of virtual machines and virtual disks of the organization. Theft of the virtual machines and disks has been a key issue in the organizational environment. The thieves are likely to copy the virtual disk which leads to unlimited access to the technological contents of the virtual machines. It is important to think the physical security risks that are related to the information security systems of the organization. Theft occurs where the unauthorized parties are able to access the organizational information systems (McClean et al. 2013). The possible consequence of physical attacks leads to emphasis on internal security regulations in information centers.
Workplace violence involves physical assault, act of aggression or threatening behavior that leads to physical damage of the organizational systems. Workplace violence has evolved to be considerable interest to the organizational small and big operations. The threat of violence has a severe effect on the organizational production process. Violence results to fights that lead to destruction of the organizational information systems. Workplace violence is a critical issue that many organizations should be aware of. The organization involves various types of workplace violence that involve criminal intent, customer, worker-on-worker and personal relationship. Criminal intent occurs where the employees or other stakeholders are committing crime against the organization. Criminal intent involves shoplifting and robbery of the company’s information systems. Worker-on-worker occurs where the employees attacks or threatens other workers in the work environment. The personal relationship occurs where the organization experiences conflicts between its employees. The bad relationships leads to challenges that involve damage of the company’s information systems.
Natural Disaster
Natural disasters involve earthquakes, and floods. The organization is located in a place that increases the chances of risks. Floods damage the organizational information systems. This leads to loss of the most critical data of the company. Floods renders the organizational systems non-functional. Earthquakes can lead to destruction of builds which translates to damage of the company’s computer systems. Damage of the information systems leads to poor functioning of the organization.
This occurs where the organization develops mechanisms that help in prioritizing its physical security threats. Therefore, the heading helps in unique protection of the organizational data. The security protection mechanisms are applied based on nature of the organization.
Layers of Protection
Layers of protection refers to the approach that is applied in analyzing high consequence events and identifying the probability combination of sovereignty and occurrences achieves the risk tolerance of the organization. The layer protection helps in assessing organizational risks and developing mechanisms for solving them (Hahn et al. 2013). For example, it applies quantitative risks analysis procedures to determine the physicals security within an organization.
Access Controls
Access controls refers to security techniques that regulate people or systems that view the computing environment. Access control is a vital concept that helps in dealing with physical security issues in the organization. The access control involves logical and physical access controls. Physical access control restricts the access to builds, campuses, rooms and physical information systems of the organization. Logical access controls restrict the connections of systems files, data and computer networks (Ali & Awad, 2018). The physical access controls are essential in controlling the physical security issues experienced by the organization.
Security Force
Security force is regarded as the organizational internal security mandate. In the legal context of many organizations, the term is used to refer to physical enforcement of security. Security forces occurs where the organization opts to enforce its physical security controls through personnel. This involves hiring security guards to guard the organizational premises. The security guards are responsible for monitoring those who enter and leave the organization. They record individuals who enter and leave the organization to be able to trace them in case a security problem such as theft occurs in the organization.
Alarm Systems
The organization applies electric alarm systems to that helps in detecting security issues caused by criminals. There are different components of security alarm systems. The alarm systems involve door and window contacts, motion sensors, and glass break detectors. Other forms of alarm systems involve shock sensors panic buttons, environmental sensors and smoke detectors. The alarm systems helps in enhancing the physical security of the entire organization. The detect forms of insecurity and create awareness to the security personnel through alarm sounds. The alarm systems involves communicators that transfer and receive signals through telephone lines. The signals are transmitted to the central system where the trained security professionals monitors the signals.
Security lighting offers a degree of illumination to transparently determine individuals, objects and generates a psychological deterrent to criminal activity in the region of being secured. There are different forms of lighting that involve continuous lighting, stand-by lighting, emergency lighting and moveable lighting. Continuous lighting is the commonly used form of security in the organizational environment. Continuous lighting helps in creating boundaries in the organizational environment. Continuous lighting prevents the possible intruders from the premises of the company (Peltier, 2013). This is because it generates a strong visual and psychological deterrent to the organizational premises.
Stand-by lighting occurs where the lighting systems are entirely continuous and structured to reserve the company’s computer systems. The systems are engaged either manually or automatically when the frequent system doesn’t operate or when there is a requirement for more light. Moveable or portable lighting is manually operated and normally made of portable search of the computer systems that are located in different places. Emergency lighting is likely to duplicate any of the above lighting systems. This form of lighting detects any individuals who are attempting to enter into the organizational premises.

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