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The Supply of Water on Earth and its Chemical and Physical Properties (Coursework Sample)


Answer the provided questions in precisely and straight to the point. word count should be less than 350.
Sources: Not necessary but you can provide where necessary.


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Questions #13a, #13b and #13c
1 The supply of water on earth has probably been the same for billions of years. Explain why.
Water on the Earth's surface evaporates while it rises into the atmosphere, cools and condenses into rain or snow, eventually falls as precipitation, and settles on land in oceans, rivers, lakes, and soil, and the cycle continues. This is why the amount of water on the planet remains constant (Hassan et al. 43). In other words, water circulates within the earth and none escapes to other planets.
2 The chemical properties of water are;
- Water has an amphoteric nature as it acts or behaves like an acid and a base. Also, because of its dielectric constant, water has a very good hydrating ability. It dissolves a wide variety 

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