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The Three Crucial Threats to Earth Water Supply (Coursework Sample)


My role in conserving water resources is to ensure that water resources around my vicinity are preserved. At home, I ensure that waste from households does not find its way to watercourses. I have formed a group with my neighborhood friends, which cleans the streets of any organic and inorganic wastes.

Discussion Question 3
The three crucial threats to earth water supply are pollution, privatization of water resources and ocean stress. Because of pollution, 46 percent of American water resources are unfit for drinking, fishing and swimming. The main sources of pollution include toxic industrial runoffs, agricultural runoff, and disposal of radiological wastes in water resources and livestock feedlots. It is essential to note that two thirds of the country’s river bays and river resources are severely degraded because of pollution (Spilsbury 31). For instance, the Mississippi river carries at least half of a metric ton of nitrogen pollution that comes from fertilizers. Additionally, at least four of the American beaches are placed under advisories or closed because of pollution. Privatization of water resources also threatens earth’s water supply. During the 19th and 20th century, the public had control over water resources. However, this has changed following the introduction of profit oriented water companies. These companies charge people for the provision of water services. The privatization of water resources has led to a massive increase in the costs for accessing water, especially for third world countries (Spilsbury 44). During the 1990s, Britain privatized its water resources, which led to a massive increase in the cost of sewage and water bills. Oceans stress challenges earth’s water supply because of carbon dioxide emissions. The ocean absorbs high levels of carbon dioxide, which leads to the creation of carbonic acid. The acidification of the ocean weakens the abilities of marine ecosystems to survive and makes the water unsuitable for consumption.
My role in conserving water resources is to ensure that water resources around my vici...
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