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Religion & Theology
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New Religious Movements Religion & Theology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


the task was to describe various forms of new religious movements. This sample explains forms of new religious movements and their beliefs.


New Religion Movements
New religious movements are spiritual, religious groups or communities which have modern practices. They exist in the wider society and are different from the pre-existing denominations. NRMs have rapidly increased in number over the years due to a change in the cultural behaviors of the people. Modernization within societies has contributed to changes in religious practices, where many societies tend to follow the practices of developed countries (Rubinstein). Development in science and technology has also led to the growth of NRMs.
Alternative Christian religions believe in presence of God and follow Biblical teachings. Some of them include the Seventh Day Church, Mormons, and The Family. The Mormons believe in getting unified with God after death. The Seventh Day believes in the human nature of sin and the need for salvation. Generally, alternative Christian religions believe in the Supreme Being and have faith in life after death.
Eastern Religions include Buddhism and Hinduism. The Hindus believe in the continuous life cycle, death, and reincarnation. They believe that the soul of human beings is eternal. The Buddhists hold the belief that change is always possible and nothing is possible. They also believe in the existence of the dead spirits which can communicate with the living. The Eastern Religions believe in the self-realization of people. Individuals who have achieved self-realization have divine potential and a sense of unity with God.

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