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Race Gender And Class Divisions Writing Assignment (Coursework Sample)


The task was to discuss how the discrimination and social stratification exhibit in the society in relevance to the three dimensions


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Race Gender and Class Divisions
The basis of this paper is to focus on an analysis of the gender, race and class in the society today. The analysis relies on the online programs which have been aired over the recent times touching on the subject matters herein. The facts gathered will be relevant in coming up with a report which serves the main purpose and roles played by race, gender and class divisions. It's noteworthy that the divisions of the society into different classes, race and gender are imperative in determining the nature and type of attention one is likely to get from the media. The focus of the media selected for the analysis has been addressing the representation of the real revelations of the struggle brought about by gender, race and class divisions.
Therefore in undertaking this work, I would select CNN as my news source in undertaking this research. The three stories of ‘As told by her', ‘gender inequality; it's getting even harder to be a woman' and CNN's Political data on racial discrimination will form the basis of the study and deductive conclusions will then be drawn from the analysis of all the scenarios.
As told by Her
This is a story premiered over the CNN and it is the struggle and aspirations of the female media personalities who have played a tremendous role in downplaying the criticisms and the general pressures which accompanies female presenters in the field of journalism. What his story reveals is not just a mere narration an account and achievements of these female personalities. It communicates more than that. The story is narrated by Elisabeth Moss and many other female presenters who had worked at the CNN and rose through the ranks and were therefore viewed as top achievers. To me, the story is a representation of a gender struggle between the male and female genders as they try to rise above the ranks over time. It's a forecast onto the existing struggle and resulting competition and therefore an important reflection into the gender and class divisions. These and many more untold stories are some of the important ways through which news regarding the real problems encountered by the female gender in their struggle to be at the top is told.
In this tory, the most prevalent gender is the female one and it's deliberately being used as a means of relaying the whole story about their struggle and achievements as women. It's however observation that the class in the story are those who have achieved their dreams despite the struggle. The real question for determination therefore becomes whether role of the other classes of individuals being used as a means of passing information is fading. In the coverage, the white race received the most part of the coverage (Rosenblam et al., 25). It's indeed worth contending that the blacks as a race did not feature in the program. It therefore reveals a level of racial exclusion of certain classes and races of individuals.
The class of the people displayed in this particular story reveal well doing individuals and therefore they must be from the high end

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