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Technology And Society, Technological Power And Democracy (Coursework Sample)


the task is about technology and the present society. the sample discusses technology and society, technological power and democracy, constructivism, indeterminism, technological science, and work.

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Technology and Modern Society
Technology has impacts in today’s present daily lives. The environment occupied by mankind is full of technology to an extent that, we never notice the consequences it came with into the society. It is noticeable when there is lack of dependable matters like transport, electricity or telephones.
However, there is much creative destruction resulting from technological advancement that is facing many challenges. As technology tends to grow, challenges also become more magnificent. Technology is faced by a dramatic challenge that involves threat of malicious attacks. Due to the transparency on internet connections, it has aided hackers to bypass many security systems and firewalls presenting a risk of tampering with classified information, destruction of websites and hackers posing under different identifications. There is vulnerability of an interconnected system particularly in the economic field. As the globe internet is becoming more solid, it is increasing the risk of collapsing the globe (Member, 99). Higher standards of living are accompanied with higher levels of risk. Technology has increased poor health practices and obesity. Many people in the modern society meet their need by the help of information system, reducing the need for physical toil. The environment is being polluted by the increasing numbers of hardware’s that makes information technology gadgets. Thousands of monitors, computers, old cellphones and peripherals are disposed carelessly with each passing year. Most of the environmental waste produced from strong and richer nations is exported to poor nations for disassembling by hand for re-use; this issue exposes many of the workers to dangerous levels of mercury and a variety of other toxins endangering human life.
Television and the Society
Generally, televisions have impacted the current world in much different way currently. Televisions were made available by the help of technical and scientific research that used emphasized and exploited passivity elements, psychological inadequacy and a culture that was dormant in people but were represented by televisions and they were now organized (Raymond, Williams, & Silverstone, 4) Televisions are in effect accidents of technology but their importance lie within its uses that are otherwise determined by qualities of human nature or some orders that are manipulated by the society. If televisions had not been invented, the society could have been dull and mindlessly entertainment with lack of globe coverage in news. New technologies that were invented were based on an independent sphere that later were to create new human conditions or societies. Each view was dependent on technology isolation by a self-force that created new ways of life or a self-acting force that was capable of creating a new emerging way of life. The conditions were deeply established the social thought at modern state and it was very difficult to think beyond them.
The invention of a television occurred as a series of events that were dependent on development of electricity, photography, telegraphy, radio and motion pictures. All stages were dependent on stages through parts of realization for the inventions that were made from other ends by view (Raymond, Williams, & Silverstone, 8). By the 19th century, the electricity investigations were solved and investigations were towards the concentration and isolation culture effects. Telegraphy development was easy since the message transmission by similar primary devices to beacons were established. Electrical telegraphy was a technical system and was demonstrated in early 19th century in various places. In photography, camera obscure was already developed by 1802 by the idea of light writing and by 1880s the idea for much recording than mere observation was established. The moving picture idea was in practice similarly by slide projection that was there since the seventeenth century by 1736.
The idea for television involved these many stages of development and it is with difficulty to differentiate it from photo telegraphy
Technology Power and Democracy
Democratic theory limit
In modern society, technology has been the major source of power in the modern society. The political democracy has been overshadowed by extreme powers of technical system masters hence affecting daily lives decisions. Urban growth rate patterns, selection of innovations, transportation systems, designs for dwelling, patients, consumers and all institutions of the government in accumulation are all under a control factor. The modern ...
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