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Business (Coursework Sample)


To describe best help desk softwares.


1. Complete the left brain, right brain exercise on chapter 5 pp. 216-217
Write your response in at least one paragraph to the question below.
a. Are you a left brain or right brain?
No, IAM not left brain nor right brain since I have a score value of 5.
Scoring key for responded left brain and right brain exercise.
1. a 1
2.b 7
3.a 7
4.a 1
5.a 1
6.b 1
7.b 9
8.a 1
9.a 6
10.b 9
11.b 1
12.b 7
13.a 7
14.a 9
15.b 3
Total points = 70
Score = 70/15= 4.666667
Approximately to whole number is 5
Thus the score = 5
b. Do you agree or disagree with your result?. Why or why not?.
From the above score card, I have scored 5 which is an indicative of correspondence use of both logical and creative parts of brain. The score defines there is traffic flow experienced between left brain and right brain. I personally agree with the outcome since I worked cognitively well with my problem solving skills. I can arrange data in logical way and meditate about it to come out with clear and short response. At some point, I can achieve patience in solving issues, discuss and find a creative way to handle that difficult situation. Lower value like one indicate that one is science oriented only while high value of 8 defines one is art oriented. Truly from the experiences, I concur with the obtained results that are capable of handling both art and science oriented amicably without any struggle.
2. Refer to chapter five and write your response in at least two paragraphs to the question below.
a. Describe the techniques you used to calm yourself when facing a difficult situation.
Talk to someone by sharing my worries to a trusted friend or a professional person. This assist to pressure off the shoulders and their advice I may find it is useful to calm myself. We can also try regular exercise or listen to a music. The feeling created by listening consoling music or exercise make one feel good and keep off from hard situations. Getting down all my worries help me identifies the one making me pass through this tough situation. Once, identified then it can be easily forgotten. Thus helping one calm down. Taking a break is another tactic of calming myself. Leave the environment making me feel uncomfortable, leave chats making me unhappy and I have calmed, and ready to continue with the problem solving, I usually come back. Being nice to myself can calm if tough times comes in. Always continue using positive self talk to overcome negative thought patterns, thus, calming oneself. Lastly, taking a step back help calm down. This is done by listing down the things to do and schedule them not forgetting to put relaxation times. This further makes one get relieved and conquer the difficult moment.
b. Briefly describe the benefits you derive from these habits.
Provide inner peace by making the inner soul feel relaxed

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