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Fross-Functional Teams (Coursework Sample)

CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF A CASE STUDY (PROMOTIONAL LAUNCH MATERIALS AND CRITICAL REFLECTION) PREPARE AN INFORMATION LEAFLET THAT FOCUSES ON CROSS-FUNCTIOANL TEAMS. Tagline: “Cross Functional Structures Equal Teamwork which equals Delivery” Create a logo and incorporate it in the information leaflet. Make it colorful, please source..
Cross-Functional Teams People that are highly skilled, experienced, and work together towards a common goal objective form a crossfunctional team. When individuals in a team perform well, they end up enhancing each member’s job satisfaction and competencies, as well as speeding up the process of innovation in an organisation (Seo & Shin, 2019). Cross-functional groups involve individuals that come from different seniority levels. They are involved in special decision-making processes. For example, when working on a particular project, members can present their ideas directly to the CEO instead of undertaking the normal procedure of approval. -493775-4996416 The formation of a cross-functional team is based on the nature of an organisation. If the firm is a small business or a start-up, it may not have specialised teams. As such, employees that are from other expertise areas automatically come together on various occasions or rather projects. At the end of the day, whether organisations are small or big, as long as cross-functional teams exist, progress will be realised. Innovation creates a pool of diversity, knowledge, and experiences because it brings together people with a wide range of competencies. The primary structure of large companies, which are innovative and focused on success, involves cross-functional teams. A cross-functional business structure propels companies to move more efficiently and fast. In addition, the model, on some occasions, gives pilot projects a “trial run” before the organisation settles entirely on hiring a new team for the initiative in question. The above approach saves the company a lot of time and resources. A crossfunctional primary business structure challenges the status quo of an organisation and discovers new methods of conducting operations in the company (Hoheisel et al., 2019). As such, it encourages an innovative culture, which is key in the contemporary business world. With cross-functional teams, a firm is able to retain old staff members, as well as engage and develop all the employees. In addition, a sense of collaboration and cohesion is created. Workers always feel connected to an organisation when cooperation is exhibited. In this respect, team members are exposed to new knowledge and skills, such as problem-solving and relationship-building competencies. There is a very high possibility that employees will stick around in a company where growth and learning exist (Cohen, 2018). Well, cross-functional teams do not succeed by just working together, but by putting in efforts that encourage innovation. One of the best things that a company, incorporating cross-functionality in its structure, can do is to prioritise the issue of clarity. This helps the task force avoid the issue of bogging down due to conflict or confusion. With clarity being a priority, everyone is always aware of all the details of the end goal. In this respec...
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