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Assignment for chemistry Education Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


Chemistry question .


1. a. State the graham's law 1mrk.
b. The molar masses of W and X are 16.0 and 44.0 respectively. If the rate of diffusion of W through a porous material is 12cm3s-1 . Calculate the rate of diffusion of X through the same material 2mrk.
2. 60cm3 of oxygen gas diffused through a porous partition in 50 seconds. How long would it take 60cm3 of sulphur (IV)oxide gas diffuse through the same partition under the same conditions.(S=32.0 O=16.0) 3mrks.
3. In an experiment , 2.4g of sulphur was obtained by reacting hydrogen sulphide and chlorine as shown by the equation besides. H2S (g) + Cl2(g) S(s) + 2HCl (g)
a. Which of the reactants acts as a reducing agent in the above reaction. Explain 1mrk.
b. Given that the yield of sulphur in the above reaction is 75%, calculate the number of moles of H2S (g) uses in the reaction .(S=32.0). 2mrks.
4.Dg of potassium hydroxide were dissolved in distilled water to make 100cm3 of solution. 50cm3 of the solution required 50cm3 of 2M nitric(v)acid for complete neutralization. Calculate the mass D , potassium hydroxide. Relative formula mass of KOH=56

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