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Investing in my future Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Investing in My Future Assignment
Finance is exciting! In this course, we learned how money can grow through the use of compounding and interest rates and your growth strategies may now be different. For this assignment, develop a summary and a 2–3 page paper.
For help with this assignment, view the FIN100 Writing Assignment Help video.
This summary will help you develop your paper. Begin writing your summary by responding to the following questions and prompts:
Develop a one-paragraph summary using the Week 10 Writing Assignment Template [DOC]. A section for your summary has been provided within the template.
Note: Do not use this summary as the introduction to your paper.
Think about what you learned in this course. What are your new financial goals?
Would you like to become more liquid, to save more for your retirement, or to start a new business?
Whatever your goals, finance is right at the core. Think about what you learned in this course regarding investing to complete this assignment.
Write a two to three-page paper in which you:
Write an introduction in your own words, based on the content of your paper.
Describe three ways you will invest in your future based on the principles of finance discussed in this course. Include terminology from the course and use citations as necessary to support your explanation of the terminology.
Discuss one of the three ways you feel most confident as a way to invest in your future. Explain your level of confidence.
Of the three ways that you will invest in your future, discuss the one that you perceive might be the most challenging. Then, discuss how you might overcome some of those challenges.
Use the Week 10 Writing Assignment Template [DOC] to provide additional help with organizing your assignment.
Submit your summary and paper.


Investing in My Future
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FIN100: Principles of Finance
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December 13, 2020
Investing in My Future
Investing in one's future is a critical aspect of financial management because human needs to keep changing as they grow and develop. I am certain that I will need to save some resources for my future endeavors, including financing my entrepreneurial plans, as I plan to start a family business. The business will ensure my liquidity and the realization of many personal goals, such as traveling the world in my retirement years. Using the lessons learned in this class as a reference point, this brief paper focuses on how I will invest in my future, my confidence about it, and the challenges that I anticipate as I go about it.
Three (3) Ways I Will Invest in My Future
While savings may appear a difficult endeavor, there are some simple ways through which I intend to achieve my goals. First, I consider opening an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) because it is the most uncomplicated way to save for the future. This option offers two choices, i.e. Roth and Traditional IRA, which means that I can get tax-free withdrawals when I need money for retirement or immediate up-front tax savings (Coombes & Orem, 1). The federal government strongly encourages people, especially middle and low-income earners, to use IRAs by offering some tax credit. In the IRA, the money increases on a tax-deferred basis.

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