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Software Engineering With Objects Coursework Assignment (Coursework Sample)


This is a software engineering assignment which answers questions based on the provided scenarios. it includes functional and non-functional requirements of the system, activity diagrams, use cases and class diagrams.

centercenter   Software Engineering with Objects 8820090900   Software Engineering with Objects
Question 1
1.1 Classify the given requirements as functional requirements or non-functional requirements
Functional requirements
* Detailed student system tracking available (log in, log out, last accessed, IP address)
* Detailed student tracking available for each course tool (How many discussion posts were read, how long did they spend on each quiz question)
* Ability to set different assessment time frames for individual students (e.g., students with disabilities who need more time)
* Ability to provide a variety of feedback types (e.g., text, audio, video) for assignments, discussions, other student activities
* Ability to add audio/video components to quizzes or exams
* Ability to add captions to assessments
* Login encryption/validation with password and user IDs determine secure authentication
* Configurable security settings (password characteristics)
* Automated system to help students who have forgotten passwords
* Links to other training sites or resources (Online Resources)
* Create, change and view user information/profile and user can belong to multiple user groups
* Enroll users in courses (individual, groups/batch) and mass registration for multiple learners to one course Provides for links to external sources of information and course evaluations
* Profiles contain basic personal information, training history, job information, education levels, skills, training preferences, supervisor's name, tutor’s name
* Can disable a course without removing it from the LMS
* Possible to conduct online tests and ability to set passing scores for tests
* Real-time reporting available and ability to export report data
* Automated reminder notices via email
Ability to send emails to user's email address listed in their profile and ability to send emails to selected users
The system administrator must be able to configure permissions
Non-functional requirements
* The LMS must support specific country regulations related to security and accessibility
* The LMS must be easily scalable to handle increasing numbers of users and content to keep in step with the growth of the organization.
* Methods of data exchanges and encryption supported
* Built in wizards to guide administrators on difficult tasks
* System is modular, allowing deployment of only required functionality (turning on or off features and modules)
* Provides full synchronous and asynchronous Interaction.
* Provides collaboration features common to both synchronous & asynchronous environments, such as video + visual presentation (example: PowerPoint)
* Help Desk options available for students such as email, chat etc.
* Ability to convert training materials to other formatting and languages
* Integration with virtual meeting/classroom tools such as WebEx
* Ability for a new learner to request an account
* Ability for users to select specific language
* Ability to use mobile devices to access course content and all course tools are available in the mobile client
* Available tools in the mobile client have the same functionality as the web version.
* The LMS is mobile-ready when using the web version through smart phones.
* Concurrent user capabilities
* The system protect confidential data and session activity both within the application and in transit
Data and session activity are encrypted
The system supports mass notifications for users during emergencies
Learners must be able to access the LMS and its content in their native language and learner interface available in multiple languages
1.2 Based on your analysis suggest further enhancement in AOU LMS
Learning management system (LMS) at AOU has many functionalities integrated with it. All these functions are good to use and have worth. Following are some more features that could be added to the current module of LMS.
* LMS can have an android app so that student and teachers can access sit form their mobile devices.
* Live calls could be added to the help desk to make it more efficient
* There could be more advanced database and search system so that students can search material by subject or topic
* Project management sub-part could also be added to LMS to facilitate research and final year student regarding their projects
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