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What are Nurse's Experiences of Stress on the Work Place? (Dissertat. Methodology Sample)


What are nurse’s experiences of stress on the work place?


What are nurse’s experiences of stress on the work place?
A literature review
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Date of submission
I would take this chance to show gratitude for my supervisor Professor. Hannabinah Mariane, my colleagues, my family and peers, whose relentless and constant encouragement has been a source of continuous inspiration and guidance.
Workplace stress or job stress is a very important phenomenon with enormous economic and social implications. It often results from the working conditions and the nature of work and is described as an imbalance between job demands and the employee’s abilities or skills. Nursing studies indicate that nursing is one of the most stressful careers appreciating that nurses are exposed to many conditions and situations that lead to job stress. This study seeks to explore nurses’ workplace stress and how they handle it. The study achieves this by conducting a literature review study on research reports on workplace related stress on nurses published between 2003 and 2013. There have been numerous studies each exploring a particular phenomenon related to nurses’ workplace stress, but this has not been integrated into a comprehensive report applicable universally. The study reviews these studies to come up with a comprehensive report whose findings cut across different groups of nurses and can be universally applied to any nurse.
During the process of the study, it was found out that nurses experience stress mostly in form of chronic distress. This stress is mostly manifested physically making it dangerous for many nurses. Stress in nurses was found to be emanating from ten main sources including: role overload, role ambiguity, doctor nurse relations, interpersonal relations, death and dying environments, culture diversity, communication problems, family relations, lack of job satisfaction and patients’ profile. This review concluded that nursing field is one of the field having the most stressors among other careers and that nurses are among public workers who suffer from the highest levels of stress. By looking critically at the findings of nine studies that were reviewed, this review recommended for stress management strategies including: offering classes and computer sessions, setting aside time for relaxation, starting up mentor and buddy programs in hospitals, introducing organizational trips in hospitals, offering rewards and recognitions for good work done by nurses and encouraging top managers involvement in solving problems of nurses to be set aside so as to cut down the level, effect and intensity of stress felt by nurses.
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Acknowledgements PAGEREF _Toc364087121 \h 2
Abstract PAGEREF _Toc364087122 \h 3
Outline PAGEREF _Toc364087123 \h 5
List of tables PAGEREF _Toc364087124 \h 8
Chapter 1: Introduction PAGEREF _Toc364087125 \h 9
1.1Background and rationale of the subject choice PAGEREF _Toc364087126 \h 9
1.2Definition of stress PAGEREF _Toc364087127 \h 10
1.3Work place stress PAGEREF _Toc364087128 \h 12
1.4Regulations protecting health workers from stress in the workplace PAGEREF _Toc364087129 \h 13
1.5Problem statement PAGEREF _Toc364087130 \h 14
1.6Aims PAGEREF _Toc364087131 \h 15
1.7Research question PAGEREF _Toc364087132 \h 15
1.8Objectives PAGEREF _Toc364087133 \h 15
1.9Summary of the dissertation’s layout PAGEREF _Toc364087134 \h 16
Chapter 2: Background information PAGEREF _Toc364087135 \h 17
2.1Work related stress for nurses PAGEREF _Toc364087136 \h 17
2.2Stressors for nurses PAGEREF _Toc364087137 \h 20
2.3Effects of workplace stress on nurses PAGEREF _Toc364087138 \h 24
Chapter 3: Research Methodology PAGEREF _Toc364087139 \h 29
3.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc364087140 \h 29
3.1 Definition and the role of literature review PAGEREF _Toc364087141 \h 29
3.2 Literature review as a research methodology PAGEREF _Toc364087142 \h 30
3.3 Search for the literature PAGEREF _Toc364087143 \h 32
3.4 Research Philosophy PAGEREF _Toc364087144 \h 35
3.5 Critical appraisal of the literature PAGEREF _Toc364087145 \h 36
3.5 Selection of appraisal tools PAGEREF _Toc364087146 \h 37
3.6 Thematic analysis of the literature PAGEREF _Toc364087147 \h 37
3.6 Ethical implications PAGEREF _Toc364087148 \h 38
Chapter 4: Methods PAGEREF _Toc364087149 \h 40
4.1 Search strategy PAGEREF _Toc364087150 \h 40
4.2 Electronic searches PAGEREF _Toc364087151 \h 40
4.3 Search terminologies PAGEREF _Toc364087152 \h 42
4.4 Inclusion and exclusion criteria PAGEREF _Toc364087153 \h 42
4.5 Process of selection of papers PAGEREF _Toc364087154 \h 43
4.6 Other means of literature search PAGEREF _Toc364087155 \h 44
Chapter 5: Results PAGEREF _Toc364087156 \h 45
5.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc364087157 \h 45
5.2 Result of the databases search PAGEREF _Toc364087158 \h 45
The Cochrane library PAGEREF _Toc364087159 \h 45
8039 PAGEREF _Toc364087160 \h 45
5.3 Final selection of the database results PAGEREF _Toc364087161 \h 46
5.4 Study results PAGEREF _Toc364087162 \h 47
Chapter 6: Thematic Analysis PAGEREF _Toc364087163 \h 79
6.1 The Process of Analysis PAGEREF _Toc364087164 \h 79
6.2 Role overload, interpersonal relations, doctor-nurse relation, and patient profile. Six studies discussed these themes in their findings. PAGEREF _Toc364087165 \h 80
6.3 Role ambiguity, culture diversity, job satisfaction, family relation, communication, death and dying PAGEREF _Toc364087166 \h 83
6.4 Summary PAGEREF _Toc364087167 \h 86
Chapter 7: Discussion PAGEREF _Toc364087168 \h 87
7.1 Summary of the findings PAGEREF _Toc364087169 \h 87
7.2 Addressing the Research Question PAGEREF _Toc364087170 \h 91
7.3 Limitations of the literature review: PAGEREF _Toc364087171 \h 92
7.4 Reflections PAGEREF _Toc364087172 \h 94
Chapter Eight: Conclusion and Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc364087173 \h 95
8.1 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc364087174 \h 95
8.2 Recommendation: PAGEREF _Toc364087175 \h 97
References PAGEREF _Toc364087176 \h 99
List of tables
Table 1: steps followed in literature review research…………………………………………..33
Table 2: summary of electronic databases search ……………………………………………..40
Table 3: key words and search criteria………………………………â€&brv...
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