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Bakery Thesis (Dissertation Sample)

It was about a bakery education program. it was a thesis work and the student got A in his dissertation due to this type of quality work source..
To: Professor Timothy From: Idalina Ng Date: 14 September 2018 DISSERTATION Title of Dissertation INDUSTRY PRATICAL RESEARCH EDUCATION COLLABORATION WORK STUDY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (WSDP) Table of Content Introduction4 * Background4 * Technology and Skilled Labors 4 * Increase in Demand of Food Quality4 * Lack of Skilled Labor6 * Motivation to Start WSDP6 * Skills Enhancement in WSDP8 * Aims8 * Objective9 Literature Review10 Methodology16 * Introduction16 * Theoretical Perspective16 * Epistemology 16 * Case Study Methodology17 * Technique17 * Interviews18 * Organizing the interview18 * Surveys19 * Document Analysis19 * Outline 20 * Validity20 * Reliability20 * Credibility21 * Limitations Experienced in Conducting the Research21 * Ethics21 * Literature Search22 * Literature Review 22 Data Analysis 23 Organizing the data 23 Data Collection and Analysis24 * Survey Questions24 * Education Sector24 * From some Owners of Bakery29 * From President of Bakery industry32 * From Bakers33 * Analysis33 * Willingness of Students to Study This Course34 * Advantages in Collaboration of academia with sustenance industry 34 * What Can Students Achieved Beside to Become an Entrepreneur? 36 * Students Skills after Completing This Course 37 * Higher Aims of Students after Completion 37 Conclusion and Recommendations38 References42 Introduction Background Technology and Skilled Labors Technology is not particularly confined to the rise of computers. It is wherever from home to work, leisure, interchanges and transportation while enhancing the quality of living. Nowadays, we are living in a world of technology where machines are taking part in workings. For instance, an ever increasing number of vast bakeries deal with their production forms with PC applications; this adds to increased financial effectiveness and enhanced product control. All production machinery within the bakery industry is accessible in computerized frame. Technology has improved the delivery of teaching with the utilization of electronic white boards, power point presentations, electronic storage, and virtual classrooms only a portion of the advancements associated with technology. Another development achieved by technology was the introduction of the hi-ratio method of cake making, a framework introduced from the USA in the 1930's, this advancement realized the introduction of a specialized synthetically treated flour equipped for retaining high measures of liquid and sugar, related to emulsifying operators, making it monetarily suitable to produce huge measures of cake products, again this training was well known until the point when the introduction and EU controls on ingredients and food labeling. As of late the hi-proportion method of cake making has been modified in order to fit in with food additive prerequisites, students are shown this method of cake making while at the same time augmenting their knowledge of this training in cake technology and ingredient study classes. Technology advancement within food processing is receiving widespread criticism according to Clarke (2008) in the 'Sunday Times' and proceeds to express that food essayist and historian Bee Wilson trusts that 'technology has carried with it better approaches for tampering with food, and new and powerful markets in which to offer it: crispers for heavy foods, softeners for hard food, all way of dyes and flavors and deodorants'. Lander (2007) in an article in the 'Financial Times' acknowledges that the production of artisan breads have turned into an integral piece of eatery life and requires the specialized craftsmanship of the dough puncher which is fairly extraordinary to that of a chef or pastry chef while verifying that aptitude and specialized experience isolate the professions. Therefore he sees that, there is a "dysfunctional relationship" between the cook, pastry chef and chef. Despite each and every advancement in machine technology, there is dependably a need for skilled people to run them. We can't depend on just machines as there is a need of somebody to run them. Along these lines, skilled people having aptitudes in makings of food things, additionally having knowledge in machine running are constantly required. For more than 10 year experience in bakery industry, gone through from traditional baking making into machinery making and proven that machinery can replace some but not all the man skills. Man and machine dependably need each other to develop a great business and to maintain a business which needs both quality and criticalness in making of bakery things. Increase in Demand of Food Quality: An increase in disposable income has achieved a demeanor of lavishness and wealth with buyers becoming connoisseurs of extravagance, organic and niche things, for instance handmade sweet shop things, chocolates, artisan and organic products. Customers that know about artisan breads know the difference and won't make do with anything else and are willing to pay for the benefit of time honored handcrafted traditional products. Steinberger twentieth October 2007 describes in an article in the 'Financial Times' the manner by which France since the beginning of the 80's is experiencing a bread renaissance with the late Lionel Piolane being the focal innovator who reconciled "artisanal practices (long sourdough fermentation, baking in wood stoves, and so on ) with production on a quasi-industrial scale". Moreover, in a similar article the essayist details how an American Academic named Steve Kaplan has studied this marvel and composed a book called 'Good Bread is Back' (Duke University Press). Essentially in Ireland such is the demand for healthy quality food that the quantity of agriculturist's business sectors that are emerging around the nation are marvel, Kelly (2007) in the Irish Times sights 126 rancher's business sectors in existence around the nation and proceeds to 43 question on the off chance that they are an 'elitist fad' or 'friends in need of the rustic economy', whichever way it is intelligent that purchasers are averting to products that are normal, organic, artisan and specific with minimum emphasis on the fiscal esteem while giving the producers a market and to offer their produce. Besides, an article in the 'Westmeath Examiner' (2008) by Una D'Arcy expresses that on a visit to the Mullingar Farmers Market, a portion of the products accessible were organic cheese, organic fruit and vegetables, chutneys, jam, organic wine, home heats, creates, crisp fish, new meat, unfenced organic eggs, new flowers and plants, an advantage being that produce is nearby, new, and sustaining the neighborhood economy. Food quality demands recent year has been transform bakery and pastry into more to more demand on quality ,pattern for more enjoyable tastefully lifestyle culture. For the last a couple of decades, it has been realized that an awesome discrepancy exists in the middle of recommended and real intake of supplements. When all is said in done, the utilization of fat, creature protein and sugar is too high. Interestingly, our diet is low in dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates, and certain minerals and vitamins. These unfortunate nutrition propensities led to an assortment of diseases, the treatment of which is expensive. Subsequently, different nations have developed nutritional recommendations to adjust for the irregularity of supplements in the diet and to enhance the wellbeing of the general population. As for baking technology, it is vital that every single nutritional recommendation include an increase in the utilization of cereal-based foods, mainly of wholegrain products. Recommended cereal based foods include: * Cereal foods, for example, entire grains, flakes, extruded products, breakfast cereals, granola bars, and so forth., * Baked goods, particularly bread and rolls from wholegrain, * Pasta products, particularly those made from wholegrain. These nutritional recommendations have led, in the most recent decade, to an increase in the utilization of bread and other cereal-based products in various nations. Marketing studies have indicated that it is important to develop a wide assortment of products with brilliant tactile properties and good freshness in order to increase the utilization of cereal foods. Consequently, in numerous nations, studies have been carried out to incorporate additional ingredients into the great formulae and along these lines, to increase the assortment of the products. Ideal definitions were developed to produce cereal foods according to the nutritional recommendations. Expanding the assortments of bread Apart from bread assortments which are particular for every nation, 4-9 new bread claims to fame have been developed during the most recent decade. This was achieved in different routes by: * The utilization of grains other than wheat and rye. * Including materials of creature and plant ongm in the detailing, utilization of old and new baking procedures. * Preparation of breads with different nutritive esteem, including dietetic and vitaminized breads. A prediction was made by Swords in 2000 which proved to be prophetic: (2000, p.22) in the Bakery World Trade Journal titled, Baking for 2000, "Products are set to additionally clear the nation over the coming years and there is most likely that this will effect sly affect the bakery industry. Twenty four-hour shopping and Sunday trading will speak to the typical criteria for a fruitful business and most activities will either practice or begin to produce on a bigger scale in order to establish provider associations with the products. The shopper will be a more educated, discerning, and very much traveled individual and it is predicted that ethnic niche territories will be the path forward for the little bakery. It is believed that quality accreditations will make...
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