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Business Plan of GameGo (Dissertation Sample)


this is my business plan. The paper details my business idea which i have presented based on my months of research. my business is an application, and in this paper i detail the process of establishing the firm



June 2023
Executive Summary
GameGo is an application which provides a platform for connecting suppliers and customers. The app focuses on enabling users to acquire a mobile gaming station according to their convenience. There are two types of services that the business will provide which include the Standard and Weekend Package. The Standard package will be available during weekdays during Monday to Thursday. The Weekend Package will be available for weekends during Friday to Sunday.
The author aims to open the business on June 14, 2024 after preparing the business necessities on January to May. This is purposed of capitalizing on the lack of a similar competitor in the market, and to optimize the chances for success. The business will be headquartered in Sunter, North Jakarta.
Target market of GameGo are men and women aged 36 and below who live in North Jakarta, especially Kelapa Gading and the surrounding area. Focused target market of the business are students, part-time employees, influencers. Another potential target market would be people who are celebrating special occasions, such as birthday party, gaming community hangout, or other forms of leisure gathering.
The business will have initial capital of Rp300.000.000 from the Owner savings. This initial capital will be allocated for necessary expenses to start up the business. In the first year, the business will generate a loss of Rp24.565.354 and in the fifth year, the business will generate net income of Rp282.727.048. The payback period of the business will be 3.06 years; internal rate of return of 24% and profitability index of 1,07.
In summary, the business plan of GameGo has been carefully thought of and it is a feasible business investment.
Table of Contents
Title Page i

Approval Sheet ii

Acknowledgement iii

Executive Summary


Table of Contents


List of Tables


List of Figures


List of Appendices xi

Chapter 1 Introduction 12

Nature and Background of the Study12

Objective of the Study13

Significance of the Study13

Chapter 2 Theoretical Framework14

Strategic Management14

Vision 15

Mission 15

Goals 15


SWOT Analysis19

External Analysis19 Environmental Analysis21 Industry Analysis22 Market Analysis23

Internal Analysis23 Mobile Gaming Station24


Marketing Objectives25

Marketing Segmentation25

Target Market26

Positioning Strategy27

Marketing Programs27

Financial 29

Financial Statement29

Financial Ratios29

Capital Budgeting30

Chapter 3 Methodology30

Nature and Sources of Data30

Treatment of Data31

Presentation of Data31

Limitations of the Study31

Chapter 4 Description of the Business32

Nature and Background of the Company32

Company Logo and Name33

Vision and Mission34

Company Objectives35

Chapter 5 Situational Analysis35

Environmental Analysis35


Demographic and Sociocultural36

Legal and Political38

Industry Analysis40

Market Analysis41

Direct Competitor42

Indirect Competitor42S

WOT Analysis43





Chapter 6 Marketing Aspect45

Marketing Objectives45

Market Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning Strategy45

Market Segmentation45

Target Market46

Positioning Strategy46

Marketing Programs46

Product Strategy46

Price Strategy47

Place Strategy49

Promotion Strategy49

People Strategy51

Process Strategy51

Physical Evidence52

Chapter 7 Organizational Aspect54

Form of Ownership54

Organizational Structure54

Job Description & Requirements55

Compensation Schedule56

Development Schedule59

Chapter 8 Operational Aspect59

Description of the Project59

Operations Process59

Business Location60

Chapter 9 Financial Aspect62

Financial Objectives62

Project Costs62

Sources of Funds62

Uses of Funds63

Financial Statements64

Financial Statements Assumptions65

Projected Income Statement66

Projected Statement of Changes in Owner’s Equity67

Projected Statement of Financial Position67

Projected Statement of Cash Flows69

Financial Ratios70

Capital Budgeting71

Chapter 10 Summary and Conclusion72


List of Tables
Table 5.1 Console Owners in Indonesia, April 202238
Table 5.2 Minimum Wage in DKI Jakarta39
Table 6.1 Pricing Scheme49
Table 7.1 Job Description and Job Requirements for Employee56
Table 7.2 Compensation Schedule for 202457
Table 7.3 Development Schedule/Gantt Chart of GameGo59
Table 8.1 List of Office Supplies…62
Table 9.1 Start-up Capital63
Table 9.2 Start-up Costs63
Table 9.3 Projected Yearly Income Statement66
Table 9.4 Projected Yearly Statement of Changes in Owner’s Equity67
Table 9.5 Projected Yearly Statement of Financial Position68
Table 9.6 Projected Yearly Statement of Cash Flows69
Table 9.7 Asset Turnover Ratio70
Table 9.8 Return on Asset/Equity70
Table 9.9 Profit Margin71
Table 9.10 Capital Budgeting71
List of Figures
Figure 2.1 Strategic Management Process15
Figure 2.2 Porter's Five Forces22
Figure 4.1 Logo of the Business.34
Figure 5.1 GRDP of DKI Jakarta36
Figure 5.2 Inflation Rates in Indonesia36
Figure 5.3 Users of Consoles in Indonesia41
Figure 6.1 Login Page53
Figure 6.2 Home Page53
Figure 6.3 Profile Options53
Figure 6.4 Order Process53
Figure 6.5 Driver Tracking53
Figure 6.6 Query Form53
Figure 7.1 Organizational Structure of GameGo55
Figure 8.1 Map Location of GameGo61
Figure 8.2 GameGo Office61
List of Appendices
Appendix A. Curriculum Vitae of the Owner76
Appendix B. Instagram Ads.77
Appendix C. Instagram Account78
Appendix D. Equipment79
Appendix E. Furniture & Fixtures80
Appendix G. Application Screens80
Appendix F. Monthly Sales Forecast82
Appendix H. Cost of Revenue and Sales Discount82
Appendix I. Salaries Expense83
Appendix J. Depreciation Schedule83
Appendix K. List of Office Supplies85
Appendix L. Office Supplies Schedule85
Appendix M Utilities Expense86
Appendix N Marketing Expense87
Appendix O Projected Monthly Income Statement88
Appendix P. Projected Monthly Statement of Changes in Owner's Equity89
Appendix Q. Projected Monthly Statement of Financial Position90
Appendix R Projected Monthly Statement of Cash Flows93
Appendix S. Capital Budgeting Calculation95
Chapter 1 Introduction
1 Nature and Background of the Study
Gaming represents a method of channeling emotions and releasing stress from the rest of the day. Demand for gaming has risen through the past few years, as more people come to enjoy the joy of this platform. Although, not everyone can afford gaming consoles because of its high prices and differing technical requirements. The members of this community need to instead access gaming through internet shops, friends’ houses, or rental services. These options are not practical for all purposes and can be troublesome for various reasons. On the other hand, there are people that possess gaming consoles, but do not use them on a regular basis. This could be because of work pressures or limited time available for spending on leisure.
In Jakarta, there is a growing need for a more practical option to attend to a specific market of gamers. The author realized this trend and decided on the idea of setting up a platform to deliver this service. He will run an application that allows console owners to rent their consoles to clients. The owner will obtain the service of a third-party developer to build an application which will be used for the business. It will be a one-time payment for the app development services, where further management will be taken by the manager. This application GameGo will provide a platform where console owners can connect with gamers who wish to rent a mobile gamevan. Similar to Gojek and Grab, GameGo presents a simple and easy method of renting consoles ‘on the go’, which can be delivered according to time and convenience.
In conclusion, the author believes that gaming provides a method of relief and leisure for people. This is necessary during difficult points in life, which can pressure people emotionally. The purpose of the mobile gaming station is to offer a method for console owners to share the joy of consoles to everyone. It helps breathe life to unused machines, while also giving others the chance to have fun too.
2 Objective of the Study
The first objective of this business practicum is to apply the knowledge of the business that the author has learned in GS FAME and creating a realistic business plan for establis...

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