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Sociocultural Factors Affecting Turkish Language Learners' Learner Motivation in Tallinn University/Estonia (Dissertation Sample)


writing a dessertation paper on the topic "Sociocultural Factors Affecting Turkish Language Learners' Learner Motivation in Tallinn University/Estonia"


Sociocultural Factors Affecting Turkish Language Learners' Learner Motivation in Tallinn University/Estonia
Student Name
Since the beginning of the world, there is necessity of every individual to make communication with each other. Additionally, the individuals also require building opportunities in order to make a connection with the speakers of other languages as well. The research paper will be based from a case study of three Tallinn University students in Estonia denoting the development and change in their learning motivation of Turkish language over time. These students migrated from different countries to this university for the purpose of learning Turkish language. The method that will be used to collect data from the immigrants and findings will be semi-structured interviews. Within this picture, the results that will be obtained will demonstrate how both de-motivating and motivating factors influence the Turkish language learning process.
Turkish language acquisition is exposed to an array of contextual factors that includes the educational setting itself and the cultural package learners that follow them to the learning scene in which they later determine the success of the learning. The immigrant students in Tallinn University find themselves unique Turkish second language learning context where these factors as well as other several social impacts associated with policies, religion, gender, and relocation issues. All of these factors provide clear illustration of how the immigrant Turkish Second Language learners develop their motivation for the significance of coping with the process of learning. The method by which these learners’ motivation is shaped by these factors requires scholarly concern as well as investigation that have been considered in the topic of this paper.
The reason for making a decision to look at the motivation of the immigrant students is for the reason that this point stands for the starting as well as refreshing point for all kinds of learning new information. Various studies have acknowledged that motivation performs a significant role in achievement of second language. Gardener (2007) argues that motivation performs a critical role in several ways in regards to the learning process of second language to a degree that the more highly motivated learners are considered better in comparison to the less motivated individuals.
Problem Statement
It is a challenging aspect when motivating a new group of immigrants in adapting new methods of learning and communication in consideration to the shift of locations, cultures, interests, climates, learning habits and personalities. Successful integration within the language target community, for instance Turkish language, is recognized as a strong motivator in the immigrant students of the Turkish language learning. Because second language motivation is considered to be a goal-oriented, it is ...
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