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Suicide in prison Literature & Language Dissertation Writing (Dissertation Sample)


the dissertation required the student to undertake a research on suicide in American prisons


Suicide in prison
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Suicide in Prison
Question: How does gender and ethnicity impact on the rate of suicide in prison?
This dissertation will focus on how gender and ethnicity impact on the rate of suicide in prison. There has been a wide range of research that has been conducted with regard to the area and the findings have been quite alarming. It is therefore important to study the area in order to suggest some of the possible ways that can be used to deal with the problem and how the increasing rates of suicide in prisons can be minimized considering the increasing number of inmates in prisons. Based on the topic, this dissertation will explore how gender and ethnicity have impacted on the rate of suicide in prison. In terms of gender, it has been established that the rate at which female inmates are committing suicide in prison is higher as compared to their male counterparts. With regard to ethnicity, it has been established that more White inmates are committing suicide as compared to the Blacks and the Hispanics.The methods used in collecting data in this dissertation include several databases such as Lexus Nexis which provided various articles regarding the topic under study. From the research, several suggestions were inferred on how the problem can be addressed so as to bring down the number of suicide cases being witnessed in prisons.

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