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Women Essay (Dissertation Sample)


Shows how women have been neglected and how they are trying to rise to power

Women are more easily influenced than men in a variety of situations, there is a slight realistic support for a sex difference and for group pressure conformity research, and there is support among a few studies. Also explored is the possibility that various sex differences are a product of related features of experimental settings. This is suggested by findings reporting greater influence ability among females were more prevalent in studies published prior to the year 1970 than in those published in the 19th century. Finally, sex changes in various psychological processes that may determine influence and conformity are evaluated as possible explanations for those influence ability sex differences that appear to be honest. It is suggested that a tendency to yield inborn in the female sex appears to account for some aspects of influence ability findings, but a second explanation, a tendency for women more than men to be focused on to personal goals, is also reasonable.
If one has misdiagnosed a problem, then one is not likely to recommend an actual cure. This is the situation regarding the scarcity of women in top leadership. Because many people with the best of objectives have misread the indications, the solutions that top officials of organizations are investing in are not making enough of a difference.
Despite years of progress by women in the workforce (they now occupy more than forty percent of all managerial positions in the United States of America); within the C-suite they remain rare. Consider the most highly paid officials of five hundred top companies. Of this group, only six percent are women. Most notably, only two percent of the Chief Executive Officers are women, and only fifteen percent of the seats on the boards of directors are supervised by women. The condition is not much changed in other industrialized countries. In the fifth largest publicly traded corporations in each nation of the European Union, women make up eleven percent of the top executives and four percent of the CEOs and heads of boards. Just seven companies are at one percent. What is to blame for the noticeable lack of women in positions of power and authority?
"Feminism," Spar says, "was meant to get rid of a fixed set of opportunities; instead, we now read it as a route to individual perfection. Because we think we can do whatever, we want we have to do all we can." And "Yes, there’s a glass ceiling.
In the year 1986 the Wall Street Journal’s Hymowitz and Schellhardt wrote "Even those few women who rose steadily through the ranks eventually did crash into an unseen obstacle. The executive suite seemed within their reach, but they just could not break over the glass ceiling." The symbol simply talks of how goals are within sight but somehow not reachable. To be sure, there was a time when the barriers were complete. Even within the career durations of 1980s executives, access to top posts had been openly denied. Considering remarks made by President Richard Nixon made public. When explaining why he would not appoint a woman in the United States Supreme Court, Nixon comments were as follows, "I don’t think women should be in any government job whatsoever, mainly because they are erratic. Emotional Men are erratic and emotional, too, but there is a point in a woman that is more likely to be." In cultures where such opinions were widely held, women had almost no chance of managing influential leadership roles.
Times have changed, and the glass ceiling metaphor is now more wrong than right. For one thing, it labels that there is an absolute barrier at a specific high level in organizations. The fact that there have ...
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