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PTSD Dissertation: Challenges Facing Research On PTSD And Equine Therapy (Dissertation Sample)




Factors Affecting Dissertation Study
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Naturally, any given researcher is bound to meet both anticipated and unprecedented challenges in the course of their study. However, a dissertation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be more subtle than initially thought. Thereby, one is faced with unique problems some of which will be discussed in this paper.
The main challenges which I have faced are limited test subjects, partiality in other related studies and long recovery periods of PTSD victims. It is true that the US possesses over a million military personnel, nonetheless, a considerable amount of these persons carry out non-combat roles. Moreover, the majority of the very few roughly 30% who serve actively as combatants never get the chance to experience real battles (Fornells-Ambrojo, Gracie, Brewie & Hardy, 2016). It is important to note that PTSD does not exist only in soldiers but also in rape victims. Most PTSD victims are fearful of expressing their condition thereby a huge gap in test subjects is felt.
Moreover, Fornells-Ambrojo, Gracie, Brewie and Hardy suggest that studies in PTSD tend to generalize the condition which results in a bias towards treatment alternatives (2016). A good example being that PTSD is extremely different for militants when compared to rape victims. Lastly, it takes a considerable amount of time to assess the results of various PTSD treatments, time which most researchers may not have. Each of these challenges has their respective significance but holistically they hinder the comprehensiveness of any study.
On a personal level, the mentioned challenges have curtailed my dissertation...
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