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Review Responsible Consumer Fireworks Use In Colorado (Dissertation Sample)


Literature Review: Responsible Consumer Fireworks Use in Colorado


Literature Review: Responsible Consumer Fireworks Use in Colorado
Literature Review: Responsible Consumer Fireworks Use in Colorado
From the previous and current literature, fireworks consumption has been a subject of concern for both the supports and opposers of the practice. While the fireworks enthusiasts continue to enjoy the magnificent displays, those against the practice lament about its hazardous effects. Because of its position and importance in the history of America, there is need to explore the issue with caution to satisfy both sides of the debate. This section provides a comprehensive examination of three reasons for promoting responsible consumer fireworks usage in Colorado.
The first reason for promoting the responsible use of consumer fireworks is to preserve America’s long-lasting tradition of commemorating the country’s Independence Day (Heintze, 2013). Americans have used fireworks as part of the annual celebrations of Fourth of July as their Independence Day because the Second Continental Congress members made the Declaration of Independence of America on July 4, 1776. Following this declaration, patriotic Americans in various cities marked the remembrance of this day with music, speeches, fireworks, and parades and colonial America created a tradition that has continued to date (What So Proudly We Hail, n.d). Therefore, as part of independent America, Colorado must recognize the tradition of its patriots by illuminating the day through fireworks displays, feast, and bonfires. By upholding this tradition, according to the article by ‘What So Proudly We Hail” (n.d), the Coloradans will be accomplishing John Adams wish to Abigail, his wife that:
“...the succeeding generations would celebrate the Independence Day as the greatest anniversary festival by commemorating it as the deliverance day through actions of Devotion to Almighty God. The day should be marked by solemnity through sports, games, pomp and parades, bells, illuminations, and bonfires throughout the continent.”
Apart from preserving culture and tradition, fireworks displays are entertaining. The next part discusses the entertainment function of consumer fireworks.
Everyone can attest to the fact that displaying fireworks is a safe and exciting form of entertainment during the celebrations and this is the second reason for promoting them through restricted consumption. Different societies mark their holidays and celebrations with various forms of entertainment including contests, eating of special foods and fruits, cultural displays, and prayers to make the day more lively and interesting than other days. For most people, celebrating a holiday includes enjoying alcohol and sexual-related activities: however, the Americans perceive the act of displaying fireworks as a safe source of entertainment that does not lead to intense fatalities such as road accidents caused by drunk driving and sexually transmitted diseases (E-Journal USA, 2014). Therefore, it is important to recognize and embrace the beneficial entertainment impacts that it embeds by attracting the attention of most people especially the juvenile, teenagers, and youths hence drawing their interests away from alcohol and irresponsible sexual activities. However, this does not underrate the fact that irresponsible fireworks consumption may lead to hazardous consequences such as blindness and fire outbreaks. The next part, therefore, discusses the economic benefits and legality surrounding fireworks usage across the United States (US).
The legality and economic benefits of fireworks consumption in the US provide the third basis for encouraging responsible fireworks consumption. While most forms of fireworks such as firecrackers are illegal in almost all the states in the country, consumer fireworks are as popular as the American hotdogs, baseball, or apple pie in all the states apart from Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Maine, and Vermont. According to the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA), the increase in the popularity and sales of fireworks is a great economic boost to the country as reports indicate that consumer fireworks sales registered an increase of 60 billion dollars in 2015 (APA, 2016). Because of the economic benefits that the states gain from fireworks sales every year, introducing anti-fireworks laws will lead to the loss of tax revenues by hampering employment opportunities and interfering with the finances of charitable institutions that rely on the firework sales to operate. Recently, some states including York that had previo...
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