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Methodology to Measure Air Pollution Dissertation Writing (Dissertation Sample)


The instruction was to write a methodology on measuring air pollution for a dissertation.
The sample is about a methodology used by a group of scientists to measure air pollution using 30 ships. This study served as the methodology guide of the dissertation making it full of formulas.

In this study, the researchers tested 30 ships from the Straits of Malacca State. A portable gas auto-analyzer was used to measure the O2, SOx, NOx and other gases concentrations of the fuels of each vessel. In order to make each reading accurate the analyzer was equipped with a pre-filter to remove any impurities from the fuels that could have been carried in by the gases. At the same time, a pre-cooling system was installed to make sure the fuel gases will not reach a high temperature brought about by its environment. (Dong, Huang, Chen, Lee, Lin, & Chen, 2002). After getting the amount of each gas emitted by each vessel, the mean emission was taken for each gas in all 30 vessels. This then helped in answering the quantity of each type of pollutant emitted by the vessel.
In furthering the data taken above, the researchers utilized these values in quantifying the amount of future emissions from each pollutant from the vessel. In doing so the researchers used the MEET methodology as instructed by Trozzi and Vacaro (1998) in their article. In here, the researchers used the formula:
Ei = (Σjkl) (Eijkl)
with: Eijkl= Sjk (GT) . tjkl . F*ijls
= Sjk (GT) . tjkl . Fijl. fis
i is the pollutant
j would be the fuel
k would be the ship class
l would be the engine type
s would be the reference reduction scenario
Ei would be the total emission
Eijkl would be the total emission of pollutant i with the use of fuel j with vessel class k and engine type l
Sjk (GT) would be the fuel consumption of vessel fuel j with class k
Tjkl would be the days in navigation of vessel fuel j with class k and engine type l
F*ijls would be the average reduced emission factors of the pollutant i with fuel type j and engine type l
Fijl would be the average em...
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