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An Exploration of the Standard of Care Experienced by Looked After Children (Dissertation Sample)


this was a DISSERTATION paper about the national policy context for improving mental health and educational OUTCOMES.
the writer was INSTRUCTED to give the meaning of LOOKED-AFTER children (lac), the need for placement stability, and what can be done to improve the care that children receive in the residential care.


An Exploration of the Standard of Care Experienced by Looked After Children
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An Exploration of the Standard of Care Experienced by Looked After Children
Looked After Children refers to a situation where children have been in care and supervision somewhere under a government agency for a day (Ford et al 2007). Often vulnerable children are taken to children’s homes or organizational agencies to be given shelter and other provisions such as healthcare and education that they have otherwise missed from their families because of several factors (Carlson et al 2020). These factors are either social, emotional, or physical.
The mental health needs of LAC
Looked after children who experienced a lot of difficulties concerning their mental well-being. This mental well-being includes emotional well-being, psychological disorder, and physical part (Brown et al 2019). The caregivers should always check on the children if they are experiencing disorders like depression, anxieties, phobias, and stress or post-trauma stress if that particular child had been exposed to such before (Sutcliffe et al 2017).
The educational need of LAC
Caregivers must provide a look-after child with a chance to achieve not less than twenty-five hours of learning input on a weekly basis, and these should be laid out clearly in their education scheme (Hillman et al 2010). The local authority should do all it can to promote the child`s education just as any parent or guardian would indulge in ensuring their children acquire the best education outcomes (Stanley et al 2005). This includes encouraging the child on matters of education, helping in solving problems, or bringing experts on board to assist the child in achieving their best. The individual education scheme requirements should be put in place, and issues such as who should be attending the child`s meetings and parties or ceremonies (Berridge 2007). The scheme should also be regularly reviewed for a specified period of approximately nine days.

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