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Investigating the Antecedents of Corporate Entrepreneurship in United Arab Emirates (UAE) (Dissertation Sample)


the task was to add content to an already done dissertation paper . the paper provides an investigative literature review of the Antecedents of Corporate Entrepreneurship in United Arab Emirates (UAE), defining entrepreneurship and the aspect of innovation.


Investigating the antecedents of corporate entrepreneurship In United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Dissertation Part 1
(Fall 2016) sec. 01
Dissertation Supervisor Dr.
The business environment has witnessed major changes emanating both from competitive forces arising from globalization, as well as increasing customer demands. Modern technologies have influenced development of advanced organizational infrastructures, to provide improved services and products in the process of satisfying customers’ needs. Companies have thus been compelled to introduce new technologies and establish a culture of innovation to improve on their competitive ability as well as achieving their stipulated goals. Customer satisfaction and improved competitive ability guarantees the existence of an organization towards realization of the set goals.
In this regard, corporate entrepreneurship is required to identify new business gaps, design new products, and improve the quality of services offered to their customers to enhance their competitive advantage. Sathe (2003) explains corporate entrepreneurship as the process of generating new business ideas and opportunities within an organization that maximizes profit and enhance the company’s competitive advantage Define what corporate entrepreneurship is here (cite source). Customer satisfaction and improved competitive ability guarantees the existence of an organization towards realization of the set goals. Corporate entrepreneurship incorporates all the stakeholders involved particularly customers- both direct and indirect – to realize success. Besides this, corporate entrepreneurs are expected to maximally utilize limited resources in realization of the stipulated organizational goals.
The UAE Vision 2021 seeks to achieve an outstanding performance and compete well in the international business environment. The UAE innovation strategy launched on October 2014 purposes to classify UAT among the best nations possessing high levels of sufficient innovations. Organizations are encouraged to establish a culture of innovation in achieving the vision stipulated while adopting effective technologies. There has been a recent emphasis by companies in UAE to invest on innovative entrepreneurship strategies to meet the customer satisfaction. To enhance their competitiveness, companies are now compelled to abandon traditional styles and embrace new technologies and innovative corporate entrepreneurship culture (Howell and Avolio 1998). In the desertion, the antecedents of corporate entrepreneurship will be explored. Particularly, factors such as Organizational Culture and Climate, role of employees and customers, contribution of partners, and physical facilities will be explored in the empirical context of the UAE.
Literature Review
Past researchers gave much attention to the concept of corporate entrepreneurship and its impact on the organization as well as innovation. Innovative initiatives involve creating a new brand, products, services and other processes and evaluating its impact on the economic development of the firm (Gumusluoglu and Ilsev 2004 you need to mention year of paper).. If you go into this argument, then you must elaborate in what ways. Otherwise, do not mention it. Innovation is considered as the most critical component for the long term existence of the organization past studies found two key approaches to the change that are; subject based and object based by which innovation has been implemented to bring transformation. Subject based innovation involves training and harnessing creativity from team members while object based innovation involves outsourcing skills. What is subject-based and object-based? Describe them here.
Corporate Entrepreneurship
There have been a considerable amount of previous academic research on corporate entrepreneurship and the culture of innovation. According to Sathe (2003), an organization is supposed to formulate new ideas aimed at establishing further markets to maximize profits as well as standing a stable ground to withstand competitors. An example of company that employs corporate entrepreneurship is Warby Parker, which diversified their online markets to designing new prescription glasses and sells it directly to customers eliminating intermediaries resulting to decreased operational costs. Burns (2005) articulates that corporate entrepreneur as development of new ideas and business ventures within an organization aimed at maximizing profits, satisfying customers’ needs, and improving the competitive ability.
Corporate entrepreneurship establishes an organizational drive, which creates a platform to explore possible market gaps while considerably observing calculated risks associated with the exploration (Morris & Kuratko, 2002, p. 9). Inclusion of internal and external innovations in the exploration significantly heightens an organizational competitive advantage in addition to making the company relevant in the modern business setup (Zahra 2005). A successful corporate entrepreneurship incorporates all stakeholders such as leaders, employees, customers, suppliers and strategic partners in creating a productive culture and a competitive environment.
Culture of Innovation
Bessant (2009) explains the meaning of innovation as “a great idea, executed brilliantly, and communicated in a way that is both intuitive and fully celebrates the magic of the initial concept.” An example of an organization that has established a culture of innovation is Google. Google has a culture of involving its customers in designing temporal logos that have attracted more users making it a leader of search engines. On addition, Google offers lucrative deals to their employees, which have attracted able developers in their organization enhancing the formation of innovative team that have bettered the company’s success. According to Beswick (2015), a culture of innovation is important for the continuity and success of an organization. Creativity improves productivity as well as improving the quality of products and services delivered by a company. A productive leadership should be in a position to harness creativity from its employees as a way of maximizing the resources available (Bryant, 2014, p. 17). Prioritizing on the culture of innovation provides a competitive advantage and flourishing in the business world. A good financial base is important for the establishment of an organization. However, the modern technology would be expensive to acquire depending on current budget feasibility. Harnessing own employees creativity minimizes cost associated with acquisition of technologies making it possible to explore on other potentials (Abramson & Littman, 2002, p. 63).
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