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Servant Leadership in Project Manageent (Dissertation Sample)


servant leadership in project management


Project management entails the development of a project plan, definition of the project goals, specification of how the project objectives will be achieved, allocation of resources needed and the establishment of the timeline needed for the project completion ( Thomson,2010).For a project to be successful, Rocky (2011) notes that project leadership is critical aspect. The more demanding market conditions needs a stronger and focused leader who has knowledge and skills to not only guarantee the success of the project but also having competence to organize and influence human capital (Thompson, 2010) .A study by Baron (2010) reiterates that servant leadership is the right strategy to unlock the problem of leadership that bedevils the success of projects.
Despite of many studies on the impact of leadership styles in project management, project leaders continue to face a myriad of challenges concerning leadership. For instance, issues like teamwork, stress management, employee motivation, leadership style and learning are the areas of concern that the study will sought to solve (Haskett, 2013).
Research objectives
The study will be guided by the following objectives:
* To determine the impact of servant leadership on the project outcome.
* To investigate the effect of leadership training on the success of the project outcome
* To analyze the utility of servant leadership as a strategy of enhancing employee engagement and motivation in the management of the project.
Research questions
The research will seek to answer the following questions
* What is the impact of servant leadership on the project outcome?
* What is the effect of leadership training on the success of the project outcome?
* How does servant leadership enhance employee engagement and motivation in project management?
Literature review
According to Thompson (2010) leadership is the ability of one to influence his followers towards the achievement of the stated project goals within the stipulated time frame.Primarily, is one who exercise intentional authority over a group of individuals in an effort to guide the group towards accomplishment of some mutual objectives. Such goals need a mutually supporting action among group members (Thompson, 2010).A studies by Rocky (2011) has shown that servant leadership is the right strategy that mangers can adopt in organizing and influencing the outcome of a project
In the recent past Thompson (2010) denotes that servant leadership has been increasingly a popular concept and platform through which managers use to overcome management challenges. Thompson (2010) ideas are supported by the fact that the model of servant leadership is guided by principles that incorporates empowerment ideals, team building, participatory management and total quality. The main focus of servant leadership in project management is on development of others through empowerment, development of trust from followers and influencing other (Baron, 2...
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