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Sustainability and Environment (Dissertation Sample)

Evaluate the sustainability of five reflective accounts of environment source..
Sustainability and Environment Name Institution Sustainability and Environment Executive Summary Environmental impediments closely interlink to the formal way of the lifestyle of the population, economic advancement as well as the availability of natural resources. Environment and sustainability are two key words commonly used in the current society. Furthermore, the two terms are applicable in numerous environmental issues. The article conveys information and awareness on the greatest enemy of the planet Earth. The paper covers information concerning the three pillars of sustainable development, social, economic and environmental issues. The most prevalent environmental hazards are renowned by their threats, vulnerabilities, challenges, and risks. The developments that resulted in a change of security aspects included global circumstantial revolution during the ending phase of the Cold War and constructivist philosophy in the social sciences. Increasing stress on policy from military intimidation to the new global encounters has led into widening of security definition from the political and military aspect of security, to include economic, societal and chiefly environmental scopes. From social constructivist tactic, achieving security will only be possible when the sensitivity of safety and the fears of possible danger, challenges, susceptibilities as well as risks are alleviated and overwhelmed. The quantity, quality and distribution of water, a treasured commodity in the world, has various dire impacts on the well-being of individuals. The consequences intertwine to the security of nation-states hence a major concern to the world. Moreover, there are specific studies that have linked vulnerability, environmental change and security concerns in the area of water resources and water conflicts. Road transport is the leading source of air contamination in the world from time in memorial. The five major key contaminants are particulates (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), benzene and hydrocarbons (HCs). From projections, road transport shall increase the level of oxides of nitrogen into the stratosphere. Antarctic and Southern Ocean marine ecosystems have transformed over the last three decades. The changes include response to the rising ocean temperatures and the fluctuations in the level and seasonality of sea ice. The level of the impact of the situation, degree and direction of the modifications are differing amid regions within the Antarctica. The trend could have the population of marine life of similar species to vary in regions. The impacts of environmental changes seriously affect the health conditions of the public, and there is growing concern of threat posed by some infectious diseases forming resistance to antibiotics. The environment entails four major elements that support human life. The elements are dependent on one another in life-support. These environmental elements include natural, social, physical and behavioural. Abstract The subsequent article is a portfolio scrutinizing the two major and differing settings surrounding environmental effects and sustainability. The concept of sustainability is pervasive among many governments and non-governmental organization in the world today. The article as well explains the state of Environment and how the influence of the activities of humans around the globe affect it. The paper also explores the impact of sustainable development as well as the effects of the developments in our environment and ecosystems. Besides, the paper also discourses how the environment, vulnerability, and security intersperse and the measures to take in addressing the issue of environmental degradation. The discussion on the impact of climate change on ozone layer on the environment and sustainability, and influence on the surrounding. The common enthusiasms presented throughout every nation is that global warming can and is manageable, and the sustainable development is attainable. The optimism showed by most countries of the world is that realization of the circumstance requires some straightforward modifications on the management of the environment. Introduction to Portfolio The purpose of creating this article is to bring out the information and awareness on the greatest enemy of our planet Earth. The paper covers information concerning the common three pillar of sustainable development, these three pillars consists of social, economic and environmental issues (Nijaki, 2015 p. 90). Moreover, when one of the pillars becomes weak, then it makes the whole system unsustainable. For achievement of sustainable development in any nations, we should consider the three pillars in any form of development. A quote by the famous Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948): “Our World has enough for each person’s need and wants, however not for his greediness, and you must be the change you wish to see in the world today and in future.” The quote can apply to every aspect of development of all human life and endeavors. If the earth is to continue supporting life then, adequate measures need attention to ensure sustainable development is achievable, and the economic ego of one nation does not cause punishing-imbalance in the overall system. Unsustainable development has major effects on the environment and the ecological diversity causing natural hazards that are the sources of deaths to people and massive destruction of properties worth millions (Mukherjee & Chakraborty, 2013 p.356). Reflective Account 1- The Environment and Sustainability: Can we implement sustainability? Topic Introduction: Any nation’s environmental impediments closely interlinks to the state of lifestyle of the population, economic advancement as well as the availability of natural resources. Environment and sustainability are two key words that their use has become so common in the current society. Furthermore, the two terms are often used hand in hand as far as environmental issues are concerned (Cho, 2015 p.74).The three pillars of sustainability are the foundation for development in any country. The aim of this reflective account is to explore the evolution of sustainability on the environment as well as discussing and assessing the possibility of implementing the sustainability program. The Rio Summit held in Rio de Janeiro by The United Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) from 3-14 June 1992 was the first move to encourage environmental sustainability. Sustainability was for the very first time explored as the best way of managing resources so as to fulfill the economic, social and political ambitions of the country. What is sustainability? According to Butland Report of 1987, it is the process of meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the capability of the next generation to meet their necessities. The adoption of this term led to the consequent use of sustainable development for the first time umbrella for the continued growth, and therefore the philanthropist asserted the word should to earmark development activities (Fontana & Ferrucci, 2014, p.42).What are the types of sustainability? What is the foundation of these types of sustainability? There are three basic types of sustainability based on the three pillars of sustainability and environment: Institutional sustainability Is there an opportunity that strengthening of the institutional structure will remain delivering outcomes of technical sustenance to the final consumers? An outcome may be unsustainable when for instance the unit responsible for planning is strengthened by the technical assistance has ceased to have right of entry to the top management (Moon et al., 2014 p.535). Economic and financial sustainability Is there a chance that outcomes of technical sustenance team yielding an economic advantage after the team withdraws? For instance, profits generated from the introduction of new items may become unsustainable incase restrictions to marketing the articles are uncertain (Petrović et al., 2012 p.9). Ecological sustainability Are the profits probably able to lead damage to the physical environment or well-being of the target group? O'Neil and Lee (2002:4), sustainability is complex process by which economic, environmental and quality of life concerns balances successfully in design, construction, project planning, operation and maintenance in meeting the needs of the present without comprising the quality of life for the future generations”. Figure 1.0 shows the model  Fig 1.0: The concept pillars of sustainability (Lee and O’Neil: 2004 as adopted by researcher: 2008) Burr (2002:27) stated that there must be capacities balance in all the three pillars as a perfect form of sustainability and this will; maximizing attainment of goal across the three pillars as well as through an adaptive process of trade-offs. There are some important key principles of sustainability which include; Integration: An efficient integration of social, economic as well as environmental apprehensions in decision-making. The integrated approach system will improve the decision-making phases at all steps should include deliberation of a wide series of social, environmental, as well as economics effects. Community Involvement: Recognizing the achievement of sustainability is almost impossible, or no substantial advancement can achieve it with no assistance and consultation with the whole community. The community-based approach towards a given project implementation will make the whole community feel like they are part of the project and give their full support to the project development. Precautionary behaviour: In case some threats do exist that are likely to damage the environment. Inadequate scientific understanding and conviction should never be an excuse to suspend measures to prevent environmental destructions. Equity within and between generations: To attain sustainable development...
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