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The Taxi Database Booking System Design (Dissertation Sample)


write a research paper on the taxi database booking system.

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Table of ContentsExecutive TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 2Introduction3Data Analysis4Data Design5Normalization11Entity Relationship Diagram16Final Design17Conclusion19References PAGEREF _Toc404783537 \h 23
Executive summary
The database design coursework serves to demonstrate the mastery of database concepts by showing the ability to successfully use the logical database design techniques to construct and build a fully functional taxi database booking system such that the structure of the database in the design state is the same as the structure of the booking system in a real world scenario with full functionalities and requirements desired by both the developers and the shareholders of the system that is those who initiated the project development. The process of building the database system has been broken down into a series of steps starting with the data analysis where the conceptual data model is constructed that specifies the entities, relationships and attributes that has been developed. In the design phase of the database design, the natural structure build in the conceptual model is represented using a number of relations or table data. This phase employs structures in PostgreSQL that represent entities which in relational database system is represented in tables which includes a set of attributes, relationships that is the cross references between entities and attributes which is the feature or characteristic of the entity specified in the analysis stage. Each entity must have an attribute that provide a unique name or key. Normalization is another important phase in the development of a database system because through normalization redundancy is greatly reduced, replication of data in the system is eliminated, reduced disk space through which the system resides thus enabling organizations with inadequate infrastructure to build and maintain their own database without requiring a heavy investment in their resources, because of less data to search through the querying data is much faster and finally changes to one part of the data can be cascaded across any related record. The use of entity diagram provides graphical relationships between entities helping to gain a better understanding of the system. I have built the taxi booking system in PostgresSQL by listing the relations and their attributes. PostgresSQL offers many advantages to the company as it provides immunity to over deployment enabled by the zero cost that comes with licensing thus it is suitable for organizations with large data processing activities, there exists minimal tracking of how organizations use the software license thus exciting new areas of research and ability to perform experiments and trial deployments with less complication. This software also has better support than the proprietary vendors, less staffing cost since it requires low maintenance and tuning requirements. The software has low chances of crashing, extensible as the code is made available for use by anybody who wishes to use the source code, cross platform in all operating system and has a high quality graphical interface database design which is made available to both developers and commercial providers (PostgresSQL 2015). The taxi booking system will grow by absorbing new customers, adding new taxi companies and break the geographical boundaries by venturing in new area and since PostgresSQL is designed for high volume environments it will enable flexibility with less scalability complications
The recent years has seen a huge investment in the technological world rendering manual systems inefficient. Businesses looking at technology as a blessing are able to harness more from the proceeds of the same since they are able to secure a wide consumer base and communicate with them easily through e-commerce and many social media platforms that has made marketing possible and easier. Since the advent of automated business operations many business have acquired a sustainable competitive advantage by reducing the cost of doing business operations while also exciting new areas of research by enabling innovations which help in optimizing business production. Being able to automate business operations and reduce cost of doing the organizational processes is what many businesses desire. Technological advancements has also made it possible to acquire a wide customer base and enhanced the ability to maintain them through coming up with new exciting products and services that appeals to the wider customers. The taxi booking system is one key example of the advancement of technology since once it becomes functional then the company services will appeal to many customers thus huge profits. The recent entry of tablets and mobile phones with internet enabled application in the market has made taxi booking easier and more efficient. To conform to the dynamic world of technology we need to build a database system that will enable online booking since there exists a favorable infrastructure to support all these functionalities. This task focuses on building a system through which customers can easily book taxis with minimal complexities and with increased efficiency. The fully implemented database system will store information about the customers, taxis and bookings made by the customers.
In order to build a well functional database then careful modelling in the design stage is important to ensure that the database build meets the initial requirements. I have undertaken a thorough procedure to ensure compliance with the database design techniques and a database is build that will enable the various functionalities of the taxi booking system to be supported. Normalization of the system data through the three levels has been done as well as a critical analysis of the data to ensure a system that meets the user requirements has been delivered. The taxi booking system will someday go online and the services accessed over the internet. This future development comes with immense opportunities as well as threats to the system. Among the key opportunities is the emergence of cloud computing which enables data to be stored in a separate location from the company thus reducing the amount of infrastructure required to host the system internally. This will in turn reduce cost of doing business while also reducing the number of employees in the company thus lowering amount of money the business will spend on payment of salaries and wages. However, this presents a challenge since the data being stored in the clouds is managed by a different firms with already established cloud infrastructure which might compromise on the data integrity and confidentiality
Data Analysis
Data analysis is an important step in the design of the booking system since it is at this stage that we produce the conceptual models and structures of the company’s data. Conceptual model determines the data and their relationship (Dennis, Wixom, Roth 2012). Since there are two main ways of building the system then the analysis stage is of greater importance since we determine whether to use the bottom up or top down approach in the design of the database. (Wixom, Dennis, Roth 2012).. In the design of this booking system we will use the top down approach where we identify the attributes, the relationships between this independent entities, identity attributes and finally the combination of the various models that comprise the system. The data analysis phase come with a myriad of challenges as some attributes and entities may not be apparent during analysis and missing connections become eminent and therefore connection traps occurs. To address this challenge functional analysis come in handy where we try to test the validity of the data model, completeness of the data analysis phase and redundancy that might have occurred during analysis. (Wixom, Dennis, Roth 2012 5th Edition).
The taxi database booking system is primarily made up of three entities which are the customer’s data, taxi details and bookings information. The booking entity connects the customer and taxi entities whereby the customer makes a taxi booking order and the available taxi is reserved for them. Recording the information in the database requires each entity to have a unique data that will distinctly identify them. An example is the customer information that will have a customer ID that will uniquely specify them, the customer names, mobile, email and their addresses. The taxi will have a taxi identification number, company identity, name of the company, address of the company ,the type of the company and whether the taxi is available for booking or not com. The bookings entity contains a set of information which includes the booking ID, customer ID which is a foreign key, customer Name, Taxi ID which is a primary key in the taxi entity, the name of the company, source location and destination which will indicate the picking and dropping times. The above details is of great importance since it will help in assigning available taxis to customers.
-43031239955CUSTOMERSCustomerID, customName, Mobile, Email, AddressBOOKINGSBookingID,CustoID,CustomName,TaxiID,CompName,Pick up time,DropOff timePickUp location,DropOff location,Status TAXISTaxiID,CompID,CompName, CompAddress,CompType,Availability00CUSTOMERSCustomerID, customName, Mobile, Email, AddressBOOKINGSBookingID,CustoID,CustomName,TaxiID,CompName,Pick up time,DropOff timePickUp location,DropOff location,Status TAXISTaxiID,CompID,CompName, CompAddress,CompType,Availability
Data design
This phase in the implementation of the taxi bookin...
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