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Human Resources (Dissertation Sample)


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1. The article provides an in-depth analysis of incentives and critically examines if they have any role in driving a company's performance. It is the author's view that incentives are used by companies so as to align individual needs. The article explains how incentives can be used to enhance the performance in places of business and in a bad way, bring about a negative impact. The benefits of using incentives clearly outlined in the article (Gould 122). Consequently, the disadvantages of incentives are also discussed. The article attempts to make one think critically about incentives so as to come up with an informed decision. The article also provides guidelines on how to use incentives efficiently. The article looks at the general impact of incentives such attracting talent.
2. I agree with the writer that businesses that offer incentives accrue a lot of benefits such as it stimulates efforts among individuals giving them motivation to work. It boosts morale of the employees leading to higher performance (Smyth 9). This would lead to higher returns. I am also in agreement with the author that incentives also have their disadvantages. They increase disparities between the highest paid and lowest paid employees. It is also a disadvantage to the manager because the employees are authoritative. They always have an opinion of their own which is higher than of the managers (Jardine 43). I also share the view that, for incentives to be effective in motivating employees, there are assumptions that must hold. This includes that employees' performance differs with differences in knowledge and skills.
3. One of the failures of this article is that it relies on data sourced from the United States. The data indicates a trend in the United States market, but this may not hold for other markets in the world. The author assumes that all markets responses to incentives are the same all over the world. I totally disagree with the assumption. Different markets in the world may respond differently to incentives. This is a key part that the author left out. The article does not also state clearly on the author's opinion on incentives. The author should have provided a paragraph for the conclusion where the opinion would have been stated.
4. As stated above, the article should have provided sample data from various markets all over the world. Case study reports on the role of incentives should have been included even if they contained a contrasting opinion from those carried out in the United States. This would have brought out a better judgment on the role of incentives. This would have brought out a better judgment on the role of incentives. The author also did not describe the assumptions in detail. The article also failed to provide real life examples of companies where use of incentives has been a success. This would have acco...
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