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Employment at Will Due Process Affirmative Action: The Legal Moral Context (Dissertation Sample)


Employment at Will Due Process Q2: Affirmative Action: The Legal Moral Context

Employment at Will
From the five attempts to justify employment at will, the most persuasive one is that extending the due process rights in the workplace will interfere with the productivity and efficiency of business organization. Due process creates illegitimate restrictions on individual’s freedom to establish conditions that guide their own work. It does not ensure fairness. It does not allow non-contracted employees to quit at any time and for any season. Such restrictions amount to slavery. Employment at will gives employees the freedom to quit their jobs without a just cause. This argument is persuasive enough to rise above the objections offered by Patricia Werhane. Werhane had claimed that employment at will gives employees more power than the employer’s. Werhane is against freedom and fairness, but the argument that due process interferes with productivity and efficiency of organizations holds more water because it amounts to slavery.
Sometimes, recruiters are legally permitted, although not required to use the fact of minority status as a positive factor of job applications for a certain position. However, as a professional, I would not do so because it is unethical. Any owner is supposed to be an equal opportunity employer. Therefore, using certain protected characteristics to give some people an upper hand discriminates ...
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