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The Rationale of Stoop and Scoop (Editing Sample)




The Rationale of Stoop and Scoop
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In this study, I discuss the characteristics of people who get their pets in public places and parks and people who don't. Obviously, no one can be judged whether or not they follow the rules. In the prevailing scenario, people like to have pets for pleasure. Keeping pets can be explained as a relationship between humans and animals. People prefer to keep different animals such as pets like dogs, horses, cats, and birds. Most people prefer dogs as pets because they are more loyal to their owners. However, cats and horses are in the second phase. Besides, many other animals such as lions, tigers, and hyenas were domesticated by the ancient Egyptians (Britannica, 2009). Rideout (2018) notes that many scientific studies claim that keeping dogs as pets can improve human wellbeing. According to one study, the risk of eczema in babies whose mothers had spent time with dogs before birth was very low (Prokop, 2010). Not just dogs, all pets are beneficial to humans as people can get more exercise with their pets because of the need to take them for a walk. Besides, pets provide companions to their owners, helping prevent further illness and depression from loneliness.
The keeping of pets is judged for several reasons. Some observant people determine the characteristics of the keeper. Certainly, people think that individuals who keep their dogs on a leash whenever they walk are rude while letting their pets move around freely. They're nice, even if it's their fault. However, people wearing the collar may be concerned about public safety or not active enough to catch your dog if it escapes. People who move their dog off a leash can be sure that their pet will not harm other people and will not deviate from its owner (Schurer, 2015). Likewise, people sometimes determine the owner's behavior based on whether the owner refuses and digs, which may not accurately reflect that person's behavior. It is the responsibility of each pet owner to demote and dig under Canadian law. Their looks can never judge a person because people who appear nice in general are rude, while people who appear rude are really polite inside.
Many people have expressed different perception over this matter. An English man once said that we don't judge the book by its cover. To really understand the person, it is not recommended to talk to them about different topics to get their opinion on that topic. Appearances can often be deceiving as some people stoop and run away reluctantly but as their duty. These people are responsible because they do not want to spoil the beauty of the environment. In contrast, others who exhibit unethical behavior by not cleaning their pet's feces do not care about the environment's cleanliness (Ryan, 2011). When she saw a person cleaning up her dog's waste, she thought he was so nice and concerned about nature's beauty, so she approached him and asked him for water because he was thirsty, but that person refused a little water from its bottom. Later, when she told me she was surprised to see that a person who was being kind towards the dog. I told her that in line with the Canadian law of stooping and digging, that person was doing it for their own purposes.
Under Canadian law, everyone must immediately remove their dog's feces from public and private places to ensure cleanliness (Spencer 2016). All pet owners should dispose of dog feces as they cause odors, attract rodents, and spread the disease to the area. Besides, it hinders people's enjoyment and comfort. However, according to the City of Toronto Animal Services website, the owner can be fined up to $ 280 for not collecting their pup's poo (Ryan, 2011). According to Bok (2011), the observer can inform 311 if the dog owner does not stop and pick up to inform him about possible punishments. The researcher must also be honest that if they don't like a particular community because of their religion or background, they shouldn't complain about them for no reason or ignore their religion, breaking the law. Ethical people are honest with everyone, without any prejudice towards their peers, and always respect the rules and laws for the public's safety.
Besides, they abide by all the rules that are fairly imposed on them without breaking any rules. They never engage in any activity that harms the public for their safety and the safety of their society, no matter how little the purification of their waste. Dogs are low. Their reputation, they are always ready to do this as their duty. On the other hand, people who are not ethically correct are dishonest and always try to escape their duty, regardless of whether the activity harms the environment (Rideout, 2018). These people are selfish and usually try to ignore their pet's poo because they think no one is looking at them. However, by doing that, people become a habit and always try to escape their duty.
As a matter of fact, individuals who think that collecting dog poop lowers their status cannot tame it (Schurer, 2015). Rather than running away from their responsibilities later, they should think about these things first. Ethics is a reflection of the company and education of people, as people of the higher standard ar

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