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6. Definitions
6.1 Care Planning
An audited way of planning person-centred Support which should be completed, and reviewed in partnership with the Service User wherever capacity allows
Care Planning is only delivered with the consent of the Service User or their legal representative where the Service User is unable due to lack of capacity
It forms the way Support is to be carried out
Care Planning is a living document, and should be changed after review to represent the changing life of the Service User
Care Planning is individual and owned by the Service User who can see or have it reviewed when they wish
Care Planning should be joined up to any other care or treatment the Service User is receiving to ensure a seamless service
6.2 End of Life Care
End of life care is support for people who are in the last months or years of their life
End of life care should help Service Users to live as well as possible until they die, and to die with dignity

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