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North Korea and its Future Under the Leadership of Kim Jong-Un (Editing Sample)


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North Korea and its Future under the Leadership of Kim Jong-Un
North Korea and its Future under the Leadership of Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un, one of the two sons of the late Korean leader Kim Jong II, came to power in North Korea following the demise of his father in 2011. The early life of the current North Korean leader is a mystery to many, but since his rise to power, many of his characteristics have been revealed. Kim Jong-Un, who is now an orphan, gained his mother’s favor and before her bereavement, she crusaded for him to be the next leader. The father is reported to have started training Kim Jong-Un various leadership skills in preparation for the takeover, which happened in 2011 (Chandler, 2014). The various aspects that speak volumes about the North Korean’s future have characterized Kim Jong-Un’s leadership since 2011 to date.
Firstly, the leader has clearly portrayed his dictatorial characteristics to his subjects and people around the globe. The rate of ruthlessness has been reported to be higher than that of his father (Williamson, 2013). Public executions of his subjects have been recorded also to be on the increase. One of the most shocking executions was the assassination of Jang Song-thaek who was Kim Jong-Un’s uncle following an attempt to plot a coup against his nephew (Williamson, 2013). The executions are carried out in the presence of the victim’s families. Moreover, it is not clear whether the victim’s allegations possess adequate evidence or not. In addition to public executions, Kim has asked his fellow citizens who possess his name Jong-Un to seek a different designation (Chandler, 2014). Such are clear examples of his ruthless nature and a sign of hardships in the future of North Korea. His selfish and dictatorial ways have had the country’s nationals living in fear.
President Kim Jong-Un has also influenced the relationship between North Korea and other nations, for example, China and the United States. The latter of the two mentioned nations is among the countries adamant in the fight against the use of nuclear power (Perlez, 2014). As such, it is of the opinion that the test North Korea is conducting...
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